Just an old-fashioned girl

I guess I really am just an old-fashioned girl… I knit incessantly. I spin (some of) my own yarn. I’d prefer a typewriter over a computer any day, and a good paper letter to an email. I tell the kiddos to eat more vegetables. I just got my first Ipod for my birthday in July,( a Nano, actually; I named it Mindy, “Nano-nano.) And I’ve spent all freaking day trying to figure out how to work this Blog thing! In particular, How To Post Photos. Apparently I’m behind the times.

See, y’all, I’ve wanted to blog for awhile. Knitting has taken over my life, and I can’t help but want to share the wool-love. But people tend to look at you a little funny when you talk too often about knitting, and when you mention casually that you’ve recently started spinning and actually own a spinning wheel they usually start backing away slowly. I can tell my darling, ever patient husband is growing tired of looking at the same yarn/half inch of sock/knitting pattern and feigning utter enchantment (don’t you get me wrong, he’s the most enabling spouse a fiber-fiend could have – he bought me the spinning wheel and most of the yarn, for heaven’s sake!) Well. I read the blogs. I know there is a whole cultural upheaval happening out there, knitting becoming popular and all… I just need to connect with those folks. And so… my blog attempt.

So. There’s the what and why, how about the other answers… Who? I’m Lori, my baby brother calls me Loribird, and so it shall be here. Where? I’m a Southern girl born and bred, though I didn’t realize how much so until I was transplanted to Alaska, where my accent was eventually misplaced and I learned to love snow and appreciate wool even more. As for when, well, as long as there’s someone to (potentially) read, I’ll just keep on writing.

So, here’s some fiber-related things I’ve been working on lately. (And forgive me if it looks a little rough, I’m learning.)

I’ve been on quite a sock kick lately.

I’ve knit Friday Harbor from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road, in the yarn the pattern calls for, of all things (Mountain Colors Weaver’s Quarters, in Juniper, if you must know.)
I splurged on some Socks That Rock yarn and knit it up in my own experimental Interrupted Rib pattern (medium weight, in Seal Rock. And I had 100+ yards left over. )

(And, if you’re interested, that is Alaskan Fireweed blooming in the crack between my house and walkway.)

I also finished some Conway socks (also from Knitting on the Road) that I started last February. Trekking XXL, colorway 90.

And I knit some Lorna’s Laces (Gold Hill) into a Ribbed Lace pattern (from Charlene Schuch’s book.) And I joined the Vintage Socks KAL over at Yahoo and started the Gentleman’s Fancy Sock for my husband in Paton’s Kroy. (The four inches of one olive-drab sock is not great photo material yet.)

I’ve not been neglecting my spinning either.

There’s the “Ocean Breeze” thrums from Spinderella’s I’ve been spinning into a lace/fingering 2/ply. (It sparkles, just a bit – that makes me so happy!)

It’s got a lot of mohair in it, and makes a soft, fuzzy yarn that I hope will make for great shawl knitting this winter.

I’ve also been working with some superwash merino I dyed myself. I’m experimenting with thinthinthin spinning in the hopes of ending up with a three-ply sock-ish yarn.

And just to prolong the Project ADD, I’ve also joined the International Scarf Exchange (sign-ups are open, you should go do it too!)

And the best part of all? It only took me two days to figure out how to write this blog and post photos to it. Sheesh. Hope someone out there finds it…

Off to knit, spin, and fold endless laundry…


3 thoughts on “Just an old-fashioned girl

  1. Hello Lori,I’m glad you’re part of the ISE as well. As a newish blogger myself, I know that it’s not always easy to get it all working, but I love the look of your blog.Bettina

  2. you have been busy with all your projects! wow!I love your blog title, :-)and Gentleman’s Fancy Sock looks great. I have been wanting to make it for a while now. it inspires me.

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