Postal Surprise!

Look what I got in the mail today!

Aren’t they cute? There’s a puppy, a mouse, a kimono cat, a hen, a singing monk, a black cat, and a pair of bunnies. They came in their own litte purse too.

They’re from Arlyna’s Closet, an internet shop physically located in Shanghai, China. She is an avid knitter, and makes the markers by hand. It took awhile for them to get here (what with the hand-assembly, and the trip from China) but it was totally worth it!

In other news, the Gentleman’s Fancy Sock is coming along nicely.

It is quickly becoming a boring-ish knit (I’m so amused by variegated yarns, this seems, well, drab – pun intended.) However, I did notice the intended recipient checking it out appreciatively as it rested on the kitchen counter last night, and he made a point this morningof putting on the other pair of socks I knit for him, so I think I can finish them without much complaint. At least I’m past the heel now…

It’s been very rainy here for several days. The sun just came out, but some crazy clouds were left over the mountains. Oh, did I tell you we can see mountains from our deck?

That’s on a clear day. This afternoon it looks like this.

I’ll have to post photos of “our” glaciers another day – they too are obscured by clouds.

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