Knitting Theory 1 Postulated, or, I Got a Continental Hand

This post is (mostly) for the Continental Hand Contest at Antics With the Menagerie. Cause I’m a self-taught continental knitter, and I think I do it well… For me, it is much faster (and therfore better) than throwing.

(I apologize if the photos aren’t the best – had to ask my husband Andy to take them for me before he left for work this morning, and he was in a rush.)
I’m no hand model, but here goes…
This is my knit stitch.

And here is my purl. It looks a bit awkward, but really, it works just fine in motion.
And here is my hand attempting to be at rest. The constant canine is Rudy, and he wouldn’t get out of the shot because he’s spoiled and thinks my hands exist solely for his purposes. (Until he grows his own thumbs, that is.)

I would describe my hands as long and thin; they tend to look graceful (though I’m not) and more delicate than they really are. They are rather dexterious, which is why I think knitting continental style came so easily to me. (Goodness, I feel vain babbleing on about my hands like this…)

Andy insisted on taking a photo of the Continental Knit Stitch with the Knitting Pirate Flag shirt in the background, because he thinks it is amusing. (As do I, though most people don’t get it.)

Side note: I like this shirt because I imagine a ship full of old, dirty pirates, who pillage and curse with the best of them, but spend their free time knitting piratey articles clothing. One keeps his extra Chibis and dpns inside the hollow hook on his arm, another is knitting a cozy for his wooden leg, and the parrot has a slew of hand-knit sweaters . . . okay, it’s a strange world I keep inside my head.

The only thing about my continental knitting that is, well, different, is that my knit and purl have slightly different tensions. It’s not noticible in the round, knitting a rib or texture, but knitting flat makes “stripes” in the fabric, as every other row (purl on the wrong side) is just a tad looser than the knit rows above and below. My original solution was to throw-purl the wrong side, which kind of worked, but was slow. A few months ago, I started teaching myself to knit back across the “right” side; so far I’ve only experimented with this on sock heel flaps and turning, but everything looks nice and even, so I’ll be trying on larger items soon. It feels strange at first, but altogether not so hard, though the other knitters at my local knit group think it’s a little nutty. But hey, I saw an article about it in the summer Knitty , so at least I know I’m not alone.

In other news, the kids are going stir-crazy in the house since it started raining again. They insist there is nothing to do except chase the dogs and cat from one room to the next. I’m about this close to putting them in their rain gear and tossing them out to play in the yard. My new mantra: Only eight more days till school starts, only eight more days till school starts…

I’ve finished one of the Gentleman’s Socks, and it was pronounced “a perfect fit.” The other is as far done as you can see in the photos above. Spinning is coming along, but looks just the same, and I’ve got a new knitting project in the works, but it’s for Someone Who May Read the Blog, so I won’t post pictures till it’s done and in the mail… (teehee)

Oh, good, I hear riffling in the the Lego bin. And singing. That should keep ’em busy for at least twenty minutes. (So long as the dogs don’t swallow any lego bits.) (onlyeightmoredaystillschoolstarts, onlyeightmoredaystillschoolstarts…)


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