If you loved Snakes on a Plane…

If you’re reading this blog entry, I’m connected again…
Let me explain. I’m typing this on my Handy-Dandy Note*pad!(sorry for the Blue’s Clues reference, it’s been a long summer,) because here at the Nest, we are experiencing (as I type) a lapse in cable and internet “due to power outages in the Fairbanks area.” (Fairbanks is a hella long way north of my humble abode, so who knows how long I’ll be disconnected…)

So what does a good little knit-blogger do in such a situation? Well, I am nearly done with the Secret Purple Project that is keeping me from my other knitting (Yes, Andy, your socks are still on hold) AND I decided to join another blog-contest. Cause they’re fun, and this one in particular caught my eye and got the ol’ rusty imagination wheels turning.

And so now, for the DIY “Snakes on a Plane” Contest
I bring you my entries. Plural. All five of ’em. Cause I had nothing better to do this evening than be my weird self.

***No critters were harmed in the making of this blog. If you were to ask them, they probably would only consider themselves to have been mildly harassed. Thank you.***

First up, with some added knitting content,

Kittyville Hat on a Pug.

(You just have to put funny clothes on a dog that looks like this. He loved the attention, trust me.)

Our next contestant, rudely awakened from her mid-evening nap,

Cat on a Hat.

(Not quite as amusing, but worth showing since she spends most of the daylight hours stalking dust motes behind/under things. I can refer to this photo to prove that yes, there is a feline in our house.)

Since she’s so obliging, our second contestent is also our third, with

Puss in a Boot.

(This photo was taken a few weeks ago – those scratches on my hand were from her first encounter with Constant Canine, who I respect far too much to put into this contest. They love each other now.)

While I was out tromping about in my pink rubber boots, looking for inspiration and muttering, “Snakes on a plane, snakes on a plane,” I looked up and saw…

Rakes in the Rain.

(I know there are no animals; it rhymes, and I’m a dork.)

Which brings us to the piece de resistance.

If you found “Snakes on a Plane” too scary, too thick in plot, and too fast-paced, this is the film for you…
WoolRoom Productions presents…


(in the rain.)

I need to make a side note here that I totally deserve bonus points for crouching out in front of my house in the 50 degree windy/rainy twilight, searching for slugs, arranging and then photographing them on a Brio truck. Repeatedly. In full view of the neighbors. Who all already think I’m a Looneybird. Just saying.

And so there you go, my cheesy genius revealed. Hope it made you laugh, Kristi. I’m gonna go get a towel. And a beer.


5 thoughts on “If you loved Snakes on a Plane…

  1. The kitty is cute, the slugs are… well, sluggish… but that pug! My only dog I ever had when I was a kid was a black pug. Everyone made fun of him, but I loved him dearly!

  2. You went out and GOT the slugs and put them ON the truck just to take that photo?You may well be my new hero. Heroine. That.And the pug is going to kill you in your sleep one night just for that photo; you know that, don’t you?

  3. Yup. I play with slugs after the kids are in bed. What can I say, it’s exciting around here.The pug was just visiting us, and he really did seem to like the hat. I’ll take my chances on him seeing the photo and coming to extract his revenge.

  4. i love your cheesy genius. you might like the signs i just found in vermont that were on the same poleapple tree daycare and (some name or other) Pub

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