Fall is coming…

It’s the first day of school for Eldest Child (Youngest doesn’t start till next week,) and you can tell Alaskan Autumn is in the air. Not only is it rainy, there’s a definite chill that won’t fade with afternoon sun, and the fireweed is starting to lose blossoms off the bottom of its stalk.
Makes me want to knit mittens. And hats. (And more socks, of course.)

I can finally share Secret Purple Project, as it will be in the mail this afternoon.

It’s (surprise!) another pair of socks… but not for me this time! I knit these for Molly at Celtic Swan Forge as part of a really cool exchange she’s been doing – handmade socks for hand-forged needles! I made them from Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra, with a couple stripes from my precious leftover Socks That Rock Seal Rock. I’m actually sorry to see them go, they turned out rather nicely if I say so myself.

I also had a lovely Stash Enhancement experience on ebay a week or so ago. I was putzing around, looking at sock yarn instead of unloading the dishwasher, and found an unusual auction. It was called Pandora’s Box, and it was for a surprise box of yarn which the owner would pick for the winning bidder after the auction was over. I was intrigued, a little wary, but my curiosity got the best of me. A few days later, this arrived in my mailbox,
A really great selection of yarn I love, along with some cute notecards and these stitch markers!I’ve had some iffy experiences on ebay, but my trust in fellow Fiber Folk is validated once again.

Not much else going on, we’ve been busy getting ready for school. The fall weather inspires sleepiness in the pets, (and me) so even they don’t make for good blog-fodder.
I’ll leave you with a photo Andy took a couple weeks ago, but which pretty well sums up how it looks and feels to me here today.


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