Lazy Days

It’s been a blissfully boring few days at the nest. Between naps, I’ve been knitting the same olive sock, spinning the same yellow yarn, and avoiding the same piles of laundry.
Until today.
The sun came out and it energized me (relativly speaking. I didn’t run a marathon or anything.) It was 46 degrees F when I drove to school yesterday morning; today it was 51. It makes a big difference, seeing that “5” in place of the “4,” believe me. The summer is passing too quickly.

After we took her sister to school, youngest Birdlet and I took a drive down to the beach to look at the scenery. It was chilly, and a bit misty as the clouds that have been drenching us for the past week burned off, but we took a short walk.

She wanted to be sure I pointed out that the ship in this photo (the barely visible one on the left) is “really big!”

Back home, I decided it (finally) looked like a good (read: dry) day for the woolies to be bathed,

and indeed it was, a balmy 57 degrees on the deck.

Woolies were soaked and washed,

and then put out to dry in the sun.

As you may have noticed, the socks in the lower photo are not handknit. And they all belong to Andy. I didn’t realize until today how little he needs the socks I knit for him, and so I will no longer feel guilty knitting socks for myself.

See, told you I’m boring today. I’m blogging about my laundry for heaven’s sakes!

Thankfully for anyone reading this, I don’t have much more to share. Tomorrow, I’ll actually post some knitting, or my Adventures in Not Knitting a Gansey Sweater (This is all the Harlot‘s fault!)

Constant Canine Companion, Rude Pup, happily spent his day just so:

Good times at the nest.

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One thought on “Lazy Days

  1. What a beutiful counrty we live in. Balmy 57 wow I’m in new mexico and we were at 80 today. The wollies look gret. I don’t have enough patience for socks right now. currently working on Corset-t and having a good time of it.

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