Whole lotta nothing? Check.

It seems that as soon as I gain the extra time to write, I completely neglect my blog.
Kidlets have been at school this week, and I’ve done nearly NOTHING. Napping. Spinning. Long walk with hubby that left my legs and hip sore. I gave myself permission to be the anti-housewife, and so far I’ve done a great job. The laundry is neglected, the kids have happily been eating pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese, and the dust buffaloes have been roaming free.
Andy says its good to see me happy.
I joined a new exchange group, Sock-ret Pals. It’s a “Secret Pal” type thing, but you also knit a pair of socks for your pal. Right up my alley.

So. The spinning, since I know you want to see it.

The stuff on the left I’ve named “Mimosa” (after the bubbly breakfast beverage, rather than the tree.) When last seen, it was on the bobbin of my spinning wheel, looking stripy. It’s superwash merino, spun very thin and 3-plied. I was going for sock weight, and ended up with slightly more sporty, but I’m very happy with it. I was entranced watching the colors blend and mellow as they plied together, and after a quick bath and a hang-dry over the kitchen sink, it revealed itself to be a sproingy soft yarn. It has a glow to it I can’t manage to photograph well. I will probably make socks out of it, and wear them Very Carefully. I started with about 2 oz. of fiber, and got 496 yards out of it.

This lovely yarn was named by my husband. Meet “Reagan’s Desk.”
It started out as 2 oz. of rainbow dyed superwash; by “rainbow dyed,” I mean I dyed the strips of roving in rainbow order. Originally I was going to ply them color-to-color and try to get a shifting rainbow yarn for some kid-wear, but I decided it might look a little too clown-y. So I spun four bobbins-full – two red-to-violet order, and two violet-to-red, then plied them to each other (purple to red, blue to orange, green to yellow, and so on.) The result is so fun looking! It made me think of candy, and I was going to name it Jellybeans, but when I told Andy he said, “No, call it Reagan’s Desk. Like the President. Cause he always had jellybeans on his desk, he was pretty famous for that.” So, “Reagan’s Desk” it is.
I got 360 yards of dk-ish weight from it, and I’m thinking of putting it for sale at the local yarn shop. The owner told me she’d love to have some of my yarn, but I’ve been loathe to part with any of it so far. Looking around online and seeing what good hand-spun sells for has been good motivation though.

Started a few more projects, but I’ll have to write about them later. And I’m not ready to talk about The Gansey Attempt yet, but I got some new needles to help. So it’s not a lost cause.
Ta-ta for now!

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