Yarn shopping – the great debate…

I already love these swaps. I have watched many of them from the sidelines after missing the sign-up deadline, and I’m so excited to have regular computer AND internet access (at the same time!!!) so I can finally participate.
I got my pals for the International Scarf Exchange AND the Spinning Roving Swap, both in the past few hours. I’m one of those people who love the giving part of holiday gift-time – I sit all butterfly-stomached waiting to see if I picked the perfect gift, if the wrapping was noticed, if the tag said the right thing… Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving presents too, but I’m usually embarrassed by attention and prefer to lavish it out.
Knowing that, you can imagine the fun I’m having debating yarns! I research the blogs and questionnaires intently: Which shade would suit them best? Is there already a lot of red? Purple? Green? What has my pal been spinning lately? Can I notice a favorite color?

For my scarf pal, I think I’ve got my yarn down to either Malabrigo merino (a yarn I have been wanting to try, but haven’t worked out how to justify for myself,) or a Merino Angora blend from Lisa Souza (which just sounds too lucious to pass up…) both in shades of blue. I’m sure I’ll decide this evening and order some. Or I could find something totally new… maybe some handspun I made last month…
Aaargh! (I’m enjoying every moment, believe me.)

And just for the record, I have to post proof that (in my home, at least) cats and dogs DO get along, and can even be caught napping on the sofa together.

Adorable, no?

(Did I finish the socks? Even look at the Gansey? Heck, no, I’m yarn shopping!)


One thought on “Yarn shopping – the great debate…

  1. Hi Lori. It’s me, your ISE3 pal. We’re a lot alike when it comes to giving gifts. Many of my handmade items are donated to charity because that just give me such a great “warm fuzzy” feeling.It’s great that your dog and cat get along so well together. I’m actually allergic to both, so I’m petless.

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