I need rehab.
Swap rehab.
I just. Can’t. Stop. Joining. (Why did that sound like Captain Kirk in my head? You neither? okay.)
It’s really not that bad (I’ll keep telling myself that.) I joined the Chocolate Swap that I read about over at Dave’s blog. It’s not very complicated, not even a secret pal swap – just send chocolate yumminess and chocolate-colored yarn to your pal… I can handle that much (and I can certainly look forward to it in my mailbox!)
And that’s all; no more swaps, I promise.

I posted over on the ISE 3 webpage, but I want to share here too; in my search for scarf-pal yarn, I stumbled upon not one but two great sites I’m sure to frequent often in the future.
The first is another knit blog (wait, don’t yawn!) by a really cool knit-guy. Now, I know there’re plenty of Guy Knitters out there, but it’s still nice to add to the list of accomplished and prolific male knitters. This blog I speak of is Brooklyn Tweed. I read about him over at So Much Yarn, So Little Time (gracious, this is becoming a link-heavy post!) Great knitting, and his blog introduced me to a new online yarn shop.
It’s called Beaverslide Dry Goods, and they are really awesome. Montana farm-raised yarn, family owned business, old-fashioned spinning (mule-spun? Didn’t know they could spin…) and the prices are unbeatable. Go check it out. Right now. For real, folks, I’m not going anywhere!
So I ordered some yarn from them for my Scarf Pal, prettyprettypretty blue merino-kid mohair blend, worsted weight… I’ll be back for some of that roving. (You didn’t notice the roving? The organic wool roving for $12 – $17 a pound?!!??? Get outta here!)
AND both my new swap pals contacted me, all mysterious-like and excited…*grin*

“Will you please get off the computer and scritch my belly… please?”

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4 thoughts on “addict

  1. Oh god, I love the dog photo. I know that look. What’s his/her name? I can relate to the swap rehab too. I’ve signed up for two but I’ve really had to work hard to stay there (that Chocolate one tempted me beyond belief). Question: How do you get a link to work with just a word, instead of having to write the whole darn link out in your blog. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. (Speak s-l-o-w-l-y, assume nothing, I’m not very web savvy.)

  2. Hi Dervish!I’m still waiting for my Learn HTML book (HTML is the language computers use to tell the website how to look) but I use the help section of Blogger ruthlessly. Email me if you want more specific help (it’s on my “about me” page) and I’d be happy to share what I’ve stumbled upon…The Doggins is Rudy, my little buddy. He’ll get his very own post as soon as I get around to introducing all my family.

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