What a day!
There is no knitting progress to show. On anything. Por que, you may ask?
BECAUSE after I dropped the kiddos off at school (and walked them in because it was School Picture Day, and who would really trust a kindergartener and first grader with checks to turn in to the photography people?) I came back out, hopped into my car, turned the key, and…
Nothing. No Thing At All. My car was dead. Kaput. Senseless. Did not even register it had a battery. I popped the hood, wiggled a few things (cursed myself for not trying to learn more about car engines) and tried again. Nothing. Felt exponentially more like an idiot as I repeated above efforts to no avail, still not believing what I was seeing.

Did I mention it was raining? Pouring even?

Did I mention I couldn’t even call my beloved and mechanically-talented husband to save me because he is (as we speak) mucking about on a boat manymanymany miles offshore in the Alaskan sea?

So, as I’m walking back to the school, trying to think of a good line to convince a taxi to transport me and my (wet) dog back home, an Angel in Shiny Red Vehicle appeared to me (hi PJ!!!) and offered me not only a ride home (for both me and Constant Companion) but also the assistance of her husband, and coffee at her house if all else failed. (Which it did appear to, for awhile. Her husband also could not revive the car, not for any lack of trying.)

Did I mention I actually had something real to do (work) today?

In the end, all is well; I had lovely coffee/tea chat, made it to work in time, and called the mechanic, who actually drove out to the school to fix my car on site and bring it back to me!!! (Now that’s service!) The several hours of stress tired me out and made me generally cranky, but it seems catastrophe was averted, and Asphalta, Goddess of Vehicular Motion, smiles upon me once again…

Tonight, on the agenda: KNITTING!!! I promise.

And, as a treat for anyone who has actually read this lousy post this far, I give you a photo of our Yard Moose, taken last winter.


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