I love the smell of wet wool in the morning!

Wow, I’ve been MIA from my blog for awhile now! *ahem* sorry about that.

So what the heck have I been doing?
Well, I’ve been dyeing (That’s not as funny to write as to say. I love telling parents at the elementary school that I’m “dying” when they ask why my hands are mottled strange colors…) I ordered some yarn from Wool2dye4, some of which is for one of my swap pals, and the rest is for experimentation and general stash enhancement. Photos and more info tomorrow, since it’s still wet and hanging over the sink. (Ooo, there’s a little stroke of genius I should share; you know how they always say to dry yarn and roving outdoors whenever possible? Not always possible in Alaska, as cold yarn dries slowly, and frozen yarn is still wet. I use the high-tech method of a dowel rod suspended between the cabinets on either side of the kitchen sink – no mess to clean up, wool stays safe from hoarding squirrels and birds, and dries overnight.)

I’ve done a lot of work on the ISE3 scarf. It’s about 45″ now. And there’s still a big honkin’ ball of yarn! My pal may be getting a hat or mitts as well.

The Not-Madder-Colored Madder Socks are finished, but after many attempts to take a decent photo of my own feet, I’ll leave them to your imagination. I really like the Horseshoe Heel, it feels like it won’t slip around, and the star-toe is great for my pointy-toed elf feet.

I have been neglecting my spinning lately, but don’t be afeared! It shall return with a vengance as soon as I’m done with the blue scarf.

When I got up yesterday to wake the girls for school, the sky was beyond amazing. I attempted to take a picture, but the colors were even brighter, if you can believe it.

It was gone within 10 minutes. Sunrises have been non-existent or too early to enjoy (5am is too early for me, thank you!) since April or so. This one was a nice reminder of the better parts of winter. Soon the moon will still be high when the kids go to school!

I promised a review of Zorro, by Isabelle Allende; by now I’m so far into The Time Traveller’s Wife I can hardly speak of it. Zorro is a great book, a little slow to build excitement, but by the middle of it I was sitting up half the night reading. It explains the behind-the-scenes of Zorro – who he really is, why he was so determined to fight injustice, by following the childhood and early adulthood of the man who was to become the Zorro we know from movies. I love reading Allende, her prose flows beautifully and she has a fascinating perspective to share as a female Latin American writer. I’m not so good at this review thing, after all I’m afraid…

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs over coffee lately (what else is new?) and a lot of people seem to be talking about Obsessions, particularly those fiber related. We’re not alone, as Cookie at Knit Anon points out; nearly everyone has their “thing.”
There is a phenomenal flower garden not far from my house (a good flower garden in Alaska requires, I’ve discovered, an enormous amount of skill and effort. I don’t have the time to garden up here; I knit.) I was walking with Rudy the other evening, and saw the garden’s creator working among her plants. Rudy obliged me by becoming intensely interested in sniffing a clump of weeds, and so I watched the lady working for a moment; she is in her sixties, possibly early seventies, with the sort of face that has spent much time outdoors. It was obvious she loves her garden and lavishes her time on it. She saw me watching and waved, and I complemented her work. She replied, “Oh, honey, this is just my thing. My husband, he’s got his four-wheelers and hunting, I’ve got my garden. You have to have something your own, you know.” I grinned, I understood precisely what she meant. “Yeah, I knit; he fishes.” Her face wrinkled into a hundred smiling creases, “It’s good you’ve figured it out so young; you and your husband will be together for a long time.”
So see, not only is Obsession normal, it’s healthy, theraputic even.


One thought on “I love the smell of wet wool in the morning!

  1. Ha! Ha! I would love to see the look on those parents faces when you tell them you are ‘dying’. Too funny! You skyline shot is beautiful! I went on a cruise to AK once and loved it.

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