This may be getting out of hand…

Seriously. The last thing I need is more yarn, I’m sure, particularly when it comes at the expense of knitting time (since I’m making it myself…)
Oh, nevermind, who am I kidding? I’m really not guilty at all. I was feeling generally miserable all week, and dyeing yarn really improved my mood. Playing with the colors, creating, and getting my hands into a project always does wonders for me, with the added benefit of beautiful yarn when I’m done.

Here is some of the work from yesterday. I also dyed some for my Chocolate Swap pal, but it was sealed up into a box before I thought to photograph it.

(Pay no attention to the bag of potting soil on the floor…)

The yarn on the left is “manly colored,” so you can guess for whom it is intended. (Don’t go digging through my stash looking for it, Andy; I am going to attempt to surprise you .) I dyed it in washes, lime green, then forest green, then brown, and finally dark grey. The result is a rich steel color, with hints of greens here and there; I’m calling it Iron Tree (a suitable manly name) for now. And you may see it later as a finished project.

The other skeins are dyed sock yarn (Henry’s Attic, Kona Superwash Fingering.) Each skein (or pair of skeins) is enough for a pair of socks, and I don’t have it named (yet) but I’m really happy with how it came out. I took it to Knit Group this morning for show and tell, and there was a great response, so I’ll probably be trying to sell some locally and maybe open an Etsy store if all goes well.

This skein is my favorite (it’s the center one in the above photo, reclining on the bowl of shells.) I really want it for myself, but I should knit it up for Chrismas gifts…

In other (very exciting, for my anyway) news, I will probably (hopefully, cross your fingers for me!!!) be able to go to the Anchorage Yarn Expo next weekend!!!! A friend from Knit Group is going, and has offered a ride and a place to stay, so as long as Andy’s here to watch the kiddos, I’ll be happily browsing yarn and fiber to my heart’s content!

Oh, and also, um, it seems some more Socks That Rock yarn has made its way into my house…

They are Saratoga and Farmhouse colorways, if you’re interested, both in the Light weight division.
Well, I do need to study how the experts do it, right? (Right. Nod and smile.)

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One thought on “This may be getting out of hand…

  1. Loribird,Great news about the Anchorage Yarn Expo, sounds heavenly. Your Andy deserves something great made from that gorgeous yarn. I’m like you, getting fingers deep into a creative project can do wonders for my mood. On the other hand, NOT getting to do that for long periods of time also does wonders for my mood — in the “lousy” direction, if you get my drift! Your skein favorite, is my favorite too! Have fun at the Expo.

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