Ten Knitterly Things

I’ve been knitting, and napping, and avoiding housework as much as possible (that’s not new, of course,) and don’t have a lot of blog-worthy stuff to say. So I’m going to give this Meme thing a try, and give you Ten Knitterly Things You May Not Know About Me, courtesy of Grumperina the Great.

1. I learned to knit when I was 8 or 9, but I’ve only been doing it “seriously” for about a year and a half. (Early February is my “Knitiversary.”)

2. I have knit 5 sweaters to date (3 baby-sized) and there is only one I consider a disaster. We won’t speak of it.

3. I generally am a knitting perfectionist; I will rip out an entire piece and do it over rather than leave a major mistake.

4. I have tried to knit only one Rowan pattern (it was Electra from Rowan 38,) and it was terribly disappointing. I stopped halfway through, and still haven’t frogged to reclaim the yarn.

5. I have only two long-term UFOs – the above aborted Electra, and ONE fair-isle mitten. It was my first FI project, and it didn’t fit the way I wanted, so I didn’t make a mate. I still have it though. (I’m thinking of framing it.)

6. I have yet to write an entirely original pattern (though I may do it soon – Knitty’s submission deadline is in a few days and I have a good idea!) It is a goal of mine.

7. I detest short-row heels with a passion. That said, I want to like them, and I admire their straight-marching little diagonal seams, but they fit my heel badly and I’ve never knit one that looked good anyway. I do, however, love the the process of fiddley heel flap stitches and gusset decreases. I also am not overly fond of toe-up socks.

8. I crocheted for a few months in college, and in that time made a single, very lumpy bag. I subsequently decided crocheting was not for me, and still maintain that biased view. I avoid knit patterns with crocheted features.

9. I like cables, but have trouble without a cable needle or dpn to assist me; I haven’t tried bobbles because I think they look like funny nipples.

10. I knit in public unabashedly. I have even learned to walk and knit, particularly around a playground.

So there you go, that should keep the Blog Gods happy for another few hours. I’ve finished the first of the embossed leaves socks, and have my Downstairs sock coming along quickly (mayhaps it will be finished tonight during Project Runway!) I am going to start a Baby Surprise sweater out of some of my first handspun for a friend whose daughter was born in June.


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