The trek to Anchorage

I had a wonderful weekend all around – sorry I didn’t post about it right away, I was spinning my new stash, er, recovering… from all the excitement…

The drive up to Anchorage was breathtaking. It is definitely autumn here on the Kenai Peninsula, and the trees were all shades of gold and rust, dotting the mountains in the distance and flooding the senses as they rushed by the car windows. I tried to get some photos, but they do no justice to the actual scenery. The weather was perfect – brilliantly sunny, just a twinge of crisp cold…

My best out-the-window action shot

(I know they’re all washed out and over-exposed – I haven’t figured out how to touch up digital photos yet, and they would still be pale representations of the real thing. It really does look like this the whole drive up though.)

I rode up to Anchorage Saturday morning with my friends Bonnie and Marian, and a friend of Bonnie’s was kind enough to open her home to us. (Thanks, Ag!) We spent the first afternoon shopping (mostly in a window-type way, though I did find my perfect winter boots) in downtown Anchorage, just because. That evening the four of us ate at a Thai restaurant, and then knit and chatted until bedtime.

The yarn expo started at 10 Sunday morning, and though I’m sure it was miniscule in comparison to some of the other fiber festivals I’ve seen blog posts about, it is the only one I’ve been to. Actually, since I get most of my yarn and roving off the internet, I was thoroughly overwhelmed by simply being able to touch the fiber, and see its true colors!
Of course, in my excitement, I left the camera at the house, so I didn’t get any photos of the expo. There were a lot of spinners there, which was something I was hoping for. I have really only watched one or two people spinning, in person, until this weekend. Looks like I figured it out alright… All of the vendors were very nice and helpful with my questions. I did bring back a little with me… I tried to pick things I couldn’t possible select online.

I got this very cute li’l skein of yarn. It’s about 200 yards of aran weight, and it’s from a company called Wool in the Woods. The yarn is Frost, in the Majestic Ridge colorway. What made it so irresistible? It sparkles just the tiniest bit! And the colors are reminiscent of the drive we’d made the day before.

I bought a big bag full of this un-named merino roving; it was labeled as 8oz. but I think it was a little heavy (not that I’m complaining…) I started spinning some of it up yesterday, and so far it’s very nice. The blue takes center stage in the singles, and blends in with the other colors for hints of green and orange among the main colors. I’ll show pictures of the spun stuff later, as I think I’m pushing the limit of Blogger Photo’s cooperation.

And finally, my pieces de resistance…

I broke down and bought some silk and silk-merino roving. It’s colored by Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, and carried (up here) by Far North Fibers. I have looked at the stuff online, but was able to resist its siren song – no longer.
There were piles and piles of it, smotheringly soft luxurious hanks of glimmering silken fiber… They are amazingly heavy, and the colors! I cannot describe… It took me so long to finally choose, but I came away with 2 oz. of pure bombyx silk in Moody Blues, and 4 oz. (!) of the 50/50 merino silk blend in Moonstone. And no, they don’t come in braids – I figured out how to do that and wanted to play with my new fiber…
I don’t know when I’ll get the nerve to spin this stuff, but I want to turn the merino silk into laceweight singles for a shawl, and I don’t have a plan for the silk yet (besides carrying it around, petting it and crooning to it…)

We went to some Anchorage yarn stores too, and I have to say, I don’t know how y’all do it. I have a very small LYS, and a slightly larger one two hours away. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I had all that wealth right in my town! Honestly, I’d probably never be able to make a decision on which yarn to use. I believe I like my isolated little Wool Room best.

So then. I actually have a fiber organizational project planned for this afternoon, so I’m going to go get on it. I have some more sharing to do tomorrow, but, well, you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “The trek to Anchorage

  1. I really wanted to get down to Anchorage for the expo, but I thought that there wouldn’t be enough vendors to make the 7 hr drive worth it… But, once I saw your ‘Wool in the Woods’… I was regreting my decision!I will be heading down to Homer ~Oct 19-20, and I still plan on contacting you about knitting stops.Great *Wool as Art*!

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