Wall o’ Roving or Wool As Art

You know how some people put up canned veggies for the winter? How squirrels stockpile nuts?

Feast your eyes upon this.

A dowel rod, a set of cheap aluminum shower curtain links, and three screw-in ceiling hooks are all the hardware – the “soft wares” are my entire collection of roving, (well, except for the alpaca, which proved too soft and loose to hang safely,) which I spent a couple hours happily braiding a la Fleece Artist.

I ran a length of cotton yarn through the top loop of the braid, and hung them on the shower curtain hooks. Voila! Wool As Art!

I’m actually a litte surprised at how much I’ve collected during the six months I’ve been spinning. I’m going to have a busy winter!

And the best part? It’s a direct view from the sofa, so I can admire my wool as I sit and knit.


5 thoughts on “Wall o’ Roving or Wool As Art

  1. That looks terrific. I’d love to copy that..one question. Aren’t you worried about Buggy’s and Spiders and the like eating all those wonderful yummynes? It must surely be like Buffet to them

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