"Show me the socks!"

I noticed a little contest over at Quiddity’s blog… honestly, she is an inspirational sock knitter. 75 pairs! I’ve got some catching up to do. But, for her benefit, here are the socks I managed to round up here at my home.

Most of these have been seen before. There are quite a few pairs missing, namely the ones that have been given as gifts. The lonely little Jaywalker there in the lower right corner has a mate somewhere, though it hardly matters since they both met their demise in the felting washing machine. Note the three in-progress pairs!

Oh, and I forgot this pair. They were hiding in the “For Gifting” box.I’ve also finished my ISE scarf and the little hand bits to go with it, but they’re currently blocking.

I started a little sweater in honor of Zimmermania.

It’s out of my very first hand-dyed handspun off the wheel, and I really like the way it’s knitting up. I will determine which new little person it is destined for when I finish it and get the measurements (I’ve got a 2 week old and a 4 month old both on the recipient list.)

And, in the “Far Too Cute For Words” category, we have this small fellow, courtesy of Chrissy and the chocolate swap.

He’s really too cute to eat, don’t you think?

Okay, maybe not. (He was delicious!!!)

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3 thoughts on “"Show me the socks!"

  1. Too bad about the hedgehog!Could you please forward or post your foot measurements for me>Length of Footlength from end of longest toe to heelLength from floor to where you like your tops (warning I do not knit knee hi’s)and is your foot wide medium or narrowThanks it will help with your socks for the swap. I am hoping to mail your first package in the next week.

  2. Your sweater is turning out to be beautiful. I still haven’t knitted anything from any wool I’ve spun. I have several skeins wound into balls but I cna’t figure out whart;sholding me back. Baby surprise might be the perfect thing to start with – not much yarn, variable size and a lot of cuteness when it’s finished. Thanks for the inspiration.

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