Socks, socks, and sock yarn

Well, it’s becoming an established fact that I’m thoroughly obsessed with sock knitting. Here are representatives of the first two finished pairs this month.

(My goodness, I have pale legs! This is why I don’t post self-photos…)
Yes, both socks of each pair are finished. Remember how I said the Embossed Leaves socks were too small for me? I had (reluctantly) tagged them mentally for the gift pile, but..

… through the wonders of blocking, and the mysteries of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn, an unexpected reward! After I blocked them, the lace pattern expanded widthwise and lengthwise, and now they fit my feet perfectly! Check out that toe shaping – love it!

And if further proof is needed that the Knit Goddess smiles upon our celebration of Socktoberfest, check these out:

Notice the matchy-matchiness? I swear, that was neither deliberate or expected (though very encouraging!) I cast on the second time using the same color portion as with the first, but had no idea where in the (I thought, apparently random,) stripe pattern I was working. I’m very happy that they go so well. I love the little picot-edge cuff, too – it’s so cute and pretty!

Lolly asked us to flash our sock yarn stash (Just look away, Andy, look away.) So I dug mine out, and was mildly appalled. (Note to secret pals and swap pals: do not let these photos discourage your gifts of more sock yarn. There is no such thing as too much.)

I said mildly, because I really love each and every skein, and plan to use all of them (and more!) I don’t usually buy sock yarn with a pattern in mind, any more than a painter buys a blank canvas and paint with a finished painting already envisioned. I might have a glimmer of an idea, or I might just like the colors or the hand of a particular yarn.

Most of the Paton’s Kroy there in the center is for Man Socks – I scored a huge lot of it off ebay last spring, mostly solid and heathered greys and blues. It’s not sock-religious to use discontinued Kroy for actual socks, is it?

A close up of some of the favorites, just for fun.

I know I have a lot of yarn. I believe I acquired most of it during the time when I was working every day; I had lots of money, and bought skads of yarn, but never had the time or energy to do much with it. Now that I’m at home all the time, I don’t have the money to buy lots of new yarn, but I have plenty of time to knit the stash!

Oh, and then there is this. The soon-to-be-dyed sock yarn stash.

Every wonder what 2.25 pounds of sock yarn looks like? (Skein of Lorna’s Laces for scale.)
Oh yes, it will be a blissfully busy winter…


5 thoughts on “Socks, socks, and sock yarn

  1. Wow is right— shows me I have to get back to my socks soon. Just have to finish this sweater class which made me realize my inner brat doesn’t like working on a time table….

  2. I love the orange in your socks. And don’t worry my stash is probably bigger. But you do have more time to knit. And there is no such thing as too much sock yarn….

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