Signs of autumn

I’m originally from coastal North Carolina, where we don’t have autumn in the traditional sense. There, the temperature drops, the azaleas are replaced by mums, and the pine needles start turning brown and dropping from the trees. That’s pretty much it until spring comes.
Thus, things like this flabbergast me.

And things like this are just too much.

As for the Saturday Sky? It was not slacking off in the beauty department today either. (Really, they’re more Saturday Horizon photos.)

Where did I go to get such a great view?

I was simply enjoying the drive back from taking some trash to the dump. I love this place.

I finished the Baby Surprise sweater. It still needs some buttons; I’m thinking of using some of the pewter ones from Schoolhouse Press. I might also pick up stitches around the neckline and knit on a hood Tomten-style.

I do so love this pattern! It really showed the handspun to an advantage.

Unfortunately, it was intended for a particular young lady who is now about four months old, and therefore too big for the sweater! So I started spinning up something new for her.

It’s the merino fiber from the yarn expo I went to a few weeks ago, triple plyed (there is a lot more where this came from…)

I’m thinking of doing the lacy baby sweater from Knitter’s Almanac with it.

What’s that? One more autumn-inspired photo? Well, the Punkin Faerie did come to visit us…


3 thoughts on “Signs of autumn

  1. Hi Lori, Your views are beautiful! Thank you for the scarf and goodies, I’m about to post about it on my blog. The temps have recently dropped here so they will come in handy. Becky

  2. Hi Lori,It’s beautiful there! You are so lucky. Thanks for my hot socks package! It’s great. Love the pumpkins and of course your handspun is lovely! Enjoy Fall!

  3. Sure is a pretty view – I remember a bit of it from fishing up that way. The skeins are beautiful — What is the name of the one at 6 o’clock with the brown, blue, yellow — that one is cool I would love to see that knit up.

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