Say hello, wave goodbye

Thank you for all the compliments on the yarn! I enjoy making it so much, it only adds to the pleasure of using it, but it’s easy to believe that I’d be pleased with anything (good or bad) that I created. It’s very encouraging to hear that other people like it too!

Here are yesterday’s yarns, all skeined up and labeled.

Clockwise from the top we have: Faerie, Lupine, Lagoon, Vintage, Holi, Poppies, Sabine, On the Vine, and Stormy. I’m keeping one large skein of On the Vine for my own, um, test knitting…

A gratuitous closup, just because. (And no, I don’t want to know why all the photos I’ve taken recently are blurry. Hope it’s just user error; I can’t afford a new camera right now.)

So wish the likkle fellas good luck and much happiness in their new homes! They’re off to the yarn store in less than two hours!

For today’s Booking Through Thursday

  1. Do you read in bed? For how long? Do you fall asleep reading? Will a good book keep you up all night? Yes, I often read in bed, especially when Andy is away. I can read as little as a page or two, or sometimes I can stay up half the night reading. I don’t usually fall asleep reading, as I’d hate to squash a perfectly good book or drench it with drool.
  2. Where do you keep your nighttime reading? Do you have a special table next to the bed? Are there many books there? Do you keep books there that you aren’t reading (finished or unread)? I have a fantastic bedside table, with plenty of space on top for a lamp, alarm clock, glass of water, and glasses case. There is a large cabinet underneath, and (theoretically) that is where my bed-reading rests. Often, though, books will be shoved under the alarm, or dropped unceremoniously on the floor to be retrieved in the morning. The cabinet also houses a few books I haven’t read yet, sometimes magazines, and usually an unfinished knitting project. (Because you have to be able to knit in bed!)

All for now.

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2 thoughts on “Say hello, wave goodbye

  1. Very pretty! I was wondering, dear scarf pal, if you could email me your mailing address. I threw away the box before writing it down and I always like to keep this info for future use.

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