Foiled, I mean, Spoiled Again!!!

I got a package from my Hot Socks swap pal this afternoon!
It came from Kathy in Michigan, and she filled the box with such great things!

Hot cocoa in three different varieties, a cappucino mix, an espresso chocolate bar (ohmy!!) a sweet little notebook (with perforated tear-out pages – perfect!) AND…

I must say, I can totally see why you guys all love this stuff so much. The colors, the squishy-squashy sproingyness of it… Thanks Kathy, for feeding all my addictions so well.

Not much new knitting to show (or, rather, I’ve been knitting quite a bit, but nothing looks very different) and spinning came to a halt a few days ago when Tenar developed a squeek AND broke her drive band (when it rains, it pours, I tell you.)
Luckily, I was able to replace the drive band fairly easily (recovering hippie chicks tend to have hemp string hanging around,) and my very intelligent and capable husband took Tenar’s legs off (Man strength! And a cool hammer-tool thingie.) coated the metal bar that holds the foot pedals in place with parafin wax, (How did he know that would work? I don’t know, I’m just happy he did,) reassembled the little lady, and now she’s a good as new. Better even, as I’m fairly sure she won’t be squeeking anymore.
So. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have more interesting things to share. Or maybe not, as I might just spend the evening cuddling the yarns my swap pals have sent me, and gorging on chocolate…

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One thought on “Foiled, I mean, Spoiled Again!!!

  1. Wow, that Koigu will make killer socks! Hey, question: how did you resize your virtual pet to fit in the side bar? I’ve tried and failed repeatedly! Thanks :0D

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