My Scarf Pal made me cry!!!

Really, she did! (But in a good way.)
There was an enormous parcel waiting for me at the post office. I used every ounce of restraint to wait until I got home to open it…
So many presents! It’s like Christmas!

There was so much, and it was all so well thought out, and color coordinated! Everything was in greens and blues!

There was some llama fiber to spin (I’ve never tried it, and I’m very excited!) a Michigan calendar with stunning photos, some cosy gloves to go with the scarf, butterfly stick-em notes (which have the sticky part running down the butterfly’s body, by the way, so the wings “flap” when you stick them!) AND there was (ok, still is, mostly) a whole slew of Michigan-made goodies – cherry poppyseed vinegrette dressing, chocolate covered cherries, and chocolate covered chunky pretzels, and even some little chocolate cars for the girls! (Half of which are being consumed as I type. They say, “Thank you!!!”) She also included the fringe she’d cut for the scarf, and a little ball of leftover yarn. And the two little white specs you can barely see in my photo above?

Sheepy’s got some new friends! She is thrilled, and is currently showing them around the wool room.

And, of course, the reason for the season…
My beautiful scarf. I asked for a loooong scarf, and it really is! Wide too, enough so that it is currently doubling as a shoulder wrap. The colors are just right, it’s long enough to be worn doubled around my neck, or I can wrap it up over my head, around my neck, and still tuck it in – no Alaskan wind is touching my neck this year, no sir!

Hannah says, “It’s purrrfect.” I agree! Renee, I cannot say thank you enough.

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