Spinning queen

Look what happened!
My ISE scarf could not have come a day too soon – and yes, I’ve been prancing around town snug and cozy in it (ok, it’s really not that cold, by Alaskan averages, but having snow on the ground does justify a scarf. And the fabulous new winter boots.)

I’ve been spinning up a storm. I spun the Oddities colorway from Spunky Eclectic that my roving pal sent me.

Two 220-yard skeins of sport to dk weight yarn. It’s very pretty, bright and cheerful; the wool is not as soft as merino, (gods, I’m spoiled!) but it will make nice mittens or a hat.
Here’s a close-up, to show the colors better.

I dyed two pounds of merino roving the other night, and am spinning it up in the hopes of selling some of the yarn in local shops. I don’t have great photos of the roving, so I’ll show it as I go along.
I usually dye very bright colors, saturated hues – which takes a lot of dye! As a result, my dye stash is running low, but I just couldn’t wait to order more (Quick! Someone send me the entire line of Knitpicks acid dyes!) so I experimented with softer colors.
I was very pleased with the results.
Actually, “very pleased” is an understatement in this case. I love this yarn with a passion. I love this yarn so much I was afraid I might damage it by taking it out in the snow to photograph (yes, I know it is destined for winter wear – I have never said my love was logical.)

It’s a good deal thicker than I usually spin – I only got 250 yards out of four ounces. But oh. I. Love. This. Yarn. (Yeah, I think I’ll be keeping this one.)

I don’t know what to name it, though. Any suggestions?

I started spinning up some Blue Faced Lester (I can’t spell or pronounce that breed, so I won’t even try right now.) from Fleece Artist before the yarns above were even dry.

It’s nearly ready for plying, and then I have another of my own dyed rovings to work on.

This one hasn’t told me yet what it wants to be, but I’m trying to teach myself to intentionally spin at different weights. Lucky me, my default spinning makes a laceweight single, fingering to sport weight double plied; that’s all fine and good, unless you want worsted weight yarn! Three- and four-ply yarns just take too long!

And, since it’s been awhile without a Constant Companion portrait,

Rudy says, “Snow! Snow! Bundle up!”

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6 thoughts on “Spinning queen

  1. I love that softer colored yarn! Have you seen the dyes @ divaknitting.com? She doesn’t have a *huge* selection, but its much cheaper than KP (or anywhere else, for that matter.)

  2. Wow you sure dye and spin gorgeous yarns!!! If you still need a name for that yarn, I’d go with Polar Morning Light or something like that. I’m so in love with it, I am planning to travel all the way to Alaska and come buy it LOL.Cheers Eva – who wandered over from the Sockret Pal board 🙂

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