I’m baaack…

You know it’s bad when your mother-in-law emails you to ask why you haven’t been blogging.
Yes, I’ve been a little busy. And not much in the mood for writing, but to appease the people who wait with baited breath for a Wool Room update…
Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to lately.

I spun up some more of the merino I dyed last week, this time 4 oz. became 310 yards of worsted-ish weight yarn.

I took a break from my own dye job to spin some BFL from Fleece Artist. I love Blue Faced Leicester fiber, it’s amazing to spin.

I’m also spinning some plain black merino

to ply with this.

The actual brilliance of some of that pink cannot be translated by digital camera. It’s full out flourescent in some spots.

Quite a bit of progress has been made on the Salina-No-More sweater.

I decided to finish the body in the round, knit the sleeves, and do the shoulder shaping using some sort of Elizabeth Zimmerman method. I haven’t decided which yet.
See? I have been quite busy! I also taught a sock-knitting class; there are two brand new sock knitters out there in the world! It seems that the single kid-sized sock I used to teach the class is to be my final contribution to Socktoberfest, but it is MIA at the moment, and will have to be photographed later.

There has also been a bit of anticipatory Halloween festivity.
Rudy suffered only a little as he modeled potential costumes for the girls.

His sweet countenence defies the jack o’lantern his Daddy carved in his honor.

Yes, in case you’ve ever wondered what two overgrown kids who didn’t graduate art college do after the kids go to bed on the night before Halloween, this is a good example.

It makes them happy.

Happy Halloween!


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