In Which The Mister Becomes Critical Of The Fiber

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately, but I’ve been keeping myself busy.
Here is a photo of the last finished sock of Socktober. It’s a kid-sized sock, and I included the pen for scale,

but was quickly informed by A Certain Person Who Insists On Reading Over My Shoulder (a certain pet peeve of mine) that the pen didn’t make the sock look small enough.
I told this certain person to take a better photo if he could, and so he tried.

So there you have it; from these two pictures one can deduce that my husband’s paw is larger than a ballpoint pen, but the sock is slightly larger than both.
It is worth mentioning that I have to knit three more of these socks, to appease the kiddos. *Sigh.*

Earlier this week, The Mister was even more critical. He hated this yarn when I first started making it. He’s usually very complimentary, but found the pink and black combination to be utterly ghastly, and made no effort to conceal such opinion.
I think it has a decidedly Goth Barbie look. In fact, that may be a good name for it. Goth Barbie. Do you think I’d get into trademark trouble?

There are 320 yards of the stuff, dk weight or so. It’s really not my style at all, “at best I’m ambivalent about this yarn,” (see, Aija, you’re not the only one!) but I’m sure it will be a perfect score for someone. (Meaning, yes, it shall be sold.) Actually, I envision a really hip grandma picking it up to knit a warm accessory for a granddaughter caught in the grip of those awkward angst-filled teenage years. The ones where you wear too much black for no reason and insist on wearing your hair over your eyes…

It seems I am planning to celebrate Socktober year-round. I started a new sock on Wednesday, and knit madly to see how much I could get done in a single day. I turned the heel, and am halfway through the gusset decreases.

The pattern is a braided cable from Sensational Socks, using the Koigu my Chocolate Swap pal sent to me.

And finally, I’m finishing up the Ocean Breeze thrums I bought from Spinderella’s Creations awhile back. I have 700 yards of fingering weight yarn spun and plied so far, and two full bobbins to ply tonight.

I’m hoping to knit a simple shawl with it this winter, something solid enough to keep away a chill and to show off the really cool colors this yarn has produced. I’ll keep you posted.

All for now.

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