My first Secret Pal package!!!

I got my first Secret Pal 9 package yesterday evening!!! My pal (whose name I know is Jennifer, due to an email snaffu – though, as I told her, Jennifer is as anonymous a name as any clever “undercover name,” especially with over 500 participants in this swap!) sent me some beautiful things!
She sent a washcloth she knit for me, with a moose pattern in it (I love meese!!!) (And she sent the pattern so I can make more of them!) along with some oh-my-goodness it’s-so-yummy-smelling lavender soap, two balls of cotton yarn to knit dishcloths with, three little Ghiradelli chocolate squares (there were three in the box last night; two have met their demise,) and a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans (!!!) As if that weren’t enough, there is also a new knit book, Zen and the Art of Knitting, which I have wanted to read for awhile, and a WEBS catalog (which I didn’t know existed offline, and comes in ever-so-handy since I get most of my yarn mail-order…)
Everything was wrapped up and packed into the beautiful little suitcase box at the top of the photo, which is currently packed up with several small knitting projects and was thoroughly admired at knit group thismorning!

Not shown in the picture are the goodies she packed in for the girls – some super-cute pens with little doll faces on the top, stickers, pencils and smiley-face notepads, and some grow-in-water animals (which have taken up residence in a bowl on the bathroom counter.) The extras for the kids were a big hit, and so very thoughtful!

Thank you, Jennifer the Anonymous! You did a great job, and totally made my day!

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