Gee, thanks!

Wow! I’m currently on vacation, and while checking my email for the first time since Tuesday night, I found that not only was my Roving Braid post accepted to Yarnival, apparently y’all liked it! Thank you for all the comments and compliments, and I’ll try to answer some of them personally when I’m back in the land of high-speed internet…

Funny thing, though, I don’t recall submitting myself to Yarnival, so I’m wondering who was so kind??? I’m very flattered, and happy to have so many new people checking out the blog!

Even though I can’t post photos just now, I can tell about my knitting… Not much got done on the airplane(s) with the task of amusing seated 5 and 6 year olds for close to 12 hours straight. (Apologies to the man sitting in front of Youngest Birdling on the third plane – she was kicking your seat involuntarily, I am certain.) Older Birdling started to learn to knit on the trip, and has about three inches of garter stitch to show for her efforts so far – we’re aiming for a beanbag, the second side of which the Knitting Fairy may have to complete for her. Her sister was less interested during the initial lesson, but promised to try some other day. I’ve been working away on the green lace shawl, and hope to finish it in time to wear at the family Thanksgiving dinner. I’m glad I left Not-Salina and her unfinished sleeves at home – it’s far too balmy at 55 degrees to work seriously on a wool sweater! Mostly, it’s been a relief to be away from home, visiting and relaxing and enjoying the (relatively, to Alaska,) warm weather!

All for now!


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