Save a grad student!

Well, I’m certainly not the first person to post about this, but I actually find it interesting…
You know how you’ll see a cool meme (the One. Word. Only. meme for example) on one or two blogs, and then suddenly it’s everywhere you look?

A graduate student by the name of Scott Eric Kaufman is doing a study for the MLA (Modern Language Association, read: Big Deal Presentation) about the transferal of information via blogs, specifically memes. So this post is a meme of sorts.

Scott’s experiment consists of posting a request on his own blog – that readers participate by writing about his experiment on their own blogs, including a link to his original post, and then indicate that they’ve done so by pinging Technorati (no, I didn’t know what that meant until I clicked on it.)
The hope is that each blog’s readers will also participate, via their blogs, and that the experimental meme will end up in some interesting corners of the web. A program he’s writting tracks the pings (and therefore the scope of participation) to give him results for the Big Deal Presentation.

This experiment is by no means limited to Fiber Bloggers, but somehow it seems to be one of the fibery Causes du Moment, and it’s pretty cool to think that Mr. Kaufman will find the knitterly community to have been so supportive of his experiment.
So what the heck are you waiting for? Write a post with a link to Scott’s post and then go Ping! Save a grad student!


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