Long Day’s Night

So, aside from the trip, have you wondered what I’ve been up to that’s been limiting my blogging time? (Of course you have! And you want to hear all about it. Really, you do.)

I’ve been working to meet a deadline, getting ready for the Nutcracker Fair, which is the Big Deal art/craft fair here in Homer. This was me two nights ago, with nearly six hours worth of yarn painting on its way downstairs for a bath. I was SOOOO exhausted!

I could hardly believe I spent most of the day up to my elbows in dye, but the results were well worth it. Each skein is one-of-a-kind. Here is a shot I took this morning, all the yarn washed, dried, skeined up and ready for labeling.

(Of course you want to see close-ups. Yes, you do.)

100% wool, 200 yards each

100% merino, 240 yards each

Superwash BFL sock yarn (yummy!!!) 400 yards each

50/50 alpaca and wool blend, 200 yards each

And finally, all the handspun I could bear to part with… Most of it has been shared here before. I wish there was more handspun for the show, but I’m still pretty attached to the yarn I spin, and it takes so long for me to make it I can hardly stand to sell it.

This evening I helped set up the booth where my yarn will be sold along with some other locally made items, and I left the yarns there… tomorrow morning the fair opens at 11, and I am afraid either that none of it will sell, or that it will sell out too quickly! Sunday I’ll be helping out in the booth, and I’m taking my wheel with me to demonstrate and keep me occupied during the slow times.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
I remember as a child meeting an older gentleman who kept detailed logs of the weather, and had done so for many years. He was able to look back in his books and tell me all about the weather on the day I was born, and any other date I could come up with. Recording the weather is a habit I’d like to get into, and where better to start than on a blog?

So, for my first entry, today, Dec. 1, started out cloudy but by noon was clear, sunny, and still, with temps in the mid twenties. Snow fell overnight, so we woke to about an inch and a half of fluff. The sun rose at 9:38 am (!!!) and set at 4:11 pm; Andy got a great shot of the sunset overKachemak Bay.

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