Well, it’s been a long day – the Squirrel Girls went to a birthday party at the bowling alley, and much fun was had until another wild partier dropped a bowling ball (kid sized, but still!) on Sunny’s foot – her toe is bruised, but it didn’t stop her from attending the post-party overnight… With a house to myself (Andy’s off doing some holiday shopping) I hardly know what to do… oh, well, why fight the urge? I’ll be knitting an spinning. Is it lame that that’s the best idea I have for a Saturday night?

I stopped by the fair this afternoon, and some of my yarn had sold – hopefully the rest will go tomorrow! Very happy about that.

I received a package from my Knitting and Coffee swap pal too, with some gorgeous blue-green alpaca, an exquisite handmade stitch marker, and some yummy coffee… I’d show pictures, but the camera is MIA at the moment. So, tomorrow.

As for the Wool Room Weather Report: Cold all day, mid to upper twenties, but clear and sunny. The sun came up at 9:40 and set at 4:10, for an even 6.5 hour day. I should point out that the dawning and evening light we have on either side of the official sunrise/sunset make the days seem longer, but still it’s a huge change from summertime!

All for now.


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