I’m melting, melting! Oh, cruel world!

The title today is a reference to the Wizard of Oz, specifically the Wicked Witch’s last words when she was doused with water – but y’all knew that, of course, being the worldly and well-edumakated readers that you are… Why the reference? Well, surely you can take a guess, but all will be revealed in todays WRWR (Wool Room Weather Report)

Here is the oft-promised photo of the project bag and travel goodies my SP9 pal sent me. You can’t really see the stitch markers, but they’re cute (and I can’t make them well to save my life, so I’m thoroughly impressed!) and there’s a little needle bag peeking out as well.

Told you it was perfect, didn’t I? Home-sewn too, did I mention? That Jenn, she’s a talented gal. Honestly, this swap has been awesome for me, since I truly like my pal as a person, and can’t wait to find out who she “really” is and read her blog.

Anyway, there is no lack of knitting going on here, but a serious lack of camera – Andy took it with him today, and so no mo photo fo yo! Sorry! I’m nearly done with the green lace shawl (which did not, by the way, get finished in time for Thanksgiving, mostly because I neglected to take enough yarn with me…) and working on another couple pairs of socks. The red sweater is on quasi-hold while I work out its pattern – it’s a “make-it-up-as-you-go” kind of thing.

WoolRoomWeatherReport: Yesterday I didn’t post, but I was awakened by the sound of RAIN. Alaska + December + Rain = only one thing: Higher temperatures! OH NO, goodbye snow!!! No wonder I didn’t discover skiing until February of last year! Anyway, yesterday was relatively warm, upper 30’s to lower 40’s, with greyness and drizzly rain. Sunrise and sunset were a moot point, as they were obstructed by liquid precipitation, so I didn’t pay attention to the times.

Today has been partly cloudy, but dry, with temps in the low- to mid-4o’s (cue Wicked Witch: “I’m Melting!!!”) causing icy road conditions in the morning (read: my driveway is a luge) but lower heating bills over all. The sun rose at 9:43 am, and I’m advised it will set at 4:08pm. I’m actually glade to be keeping track of this before the winter Solstice this year, so I get some idea of exactly how short the days are in winter. (6h. 25 min. today, if you’re arithmatically challenged.) Last year I just went with the flow and enjoyed the unusual seasonal changes in sunlight, but it’s a curiousity worth writing home about…

All for now.

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