Knitting, in its natural habitat!

That’s right, I have some actual knitting to share today! Yay!
First, though, I need to say thank you to my Knitting and Coffee swap pal. It is a little Swap-bot swap, and Ariella from Quebec sent me a lovely package (which, incidentally, I got while my camera was unable to communicate with Blogger, so I am posting my appreciation later than I’d like.)
She sent me two balls of the prettiest colored alpaca you ever did see, along with three types of flavored coffee (not pictured because it is being consumed as you read…) and an exquisite stitchmarker she made herself. It’s glass and sterling silver – my poor knitting feels unworthy!

It really is beautiful, and I love the yarn and coffee as well – Thank You, Ariella!

It seems I was inspired by the little stitch marker. I dug out some yarn last night to play with fair isle. I’m gearing up for Eunny’s Anemoi Mittens, which I plan to knit as soon as I’m back in practice.

This is to be a hat, and so far I like the way it’s coming along. Knit with Brown Sheep’s Top of the Lamb sport weight wool, on 3.75mm (size 5) needles, in white and some yarn I dyed experimentally this summer using fireweed blossoms. The dye didn’t translate the brilliance of the actual flowers, which I found a little disappointing, but it’s a special yarn anyway.

As you can see, the Wool Room has been invaded!
We have a christmas tree, and so my wool room has temporarily become the Wool Corner. Not that I mind so much. It’s the first time I’ve had a live tree, and the smell is everything I’ve heard people raving about. Unfortunately, our Feline Mind Control Agent (aka Hannah Cat) seems to think the tree is her personal playground – ah, well. She is a cat.
So anyway, I’ve put the tree to good use as a knit-model. Here are some socks I’ve been working on using the Koigu my Chocolate Swap pal sent to me.

They’re very simple, 60 stitiches around on 2.5mm needles, with a 3X3 cable running down each side. My favorite detail is this:
See how the last cable twist splits off to the heel flap and gusset decrease? Love it.

Finally, here is the first of a pair of socks destined to belong to Birdlet the Elder. They’re made up of leftover Lorna’s Laces (from Aunt K’s socks) and Paton’s Kroy (from Daddy’s socks,) which Birdlet particularly enjoys, being the sentimental little creature that she is.

And for our Weather Report, today, like yesterday, is rainy and cold, with temps starting out the morning at 34, forcasted to stay in the mid 30s all day. Snow on the ground has given way to mud, and skies are generally grey and depressing. Fog abounds. Bleh indeed. I’m amazed my Weather Pixie hasn’t gone on strike.
The sun rose about an hour ago, at 9:49, and will set at 16:05.
All I’m saying is, I moved to Alaska, where is the dagnabbed snow!!???

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