Do not disturb: Holiday knitting in progress…

This is the last week before school lets out for holiday break. The kids are dragging through their last few days of school, as holiday excitement mounts, while I (and other mothers) are hurridly trying to get things done before our “free time” is wiped out by a house full of kiddos.
That is to say, I’ve been knitting like mad.

Yup, there’s a finished fair isle hat, which went through the dryer (on purpose) to make it fit anyones head after wet blocking (I really didn’t expect it to stretch that much!) and now it’s kidlet sized.

There’s a tam I knit using the Wool in the Woods yarn I bought at the yarn expo. I’m hoping to make up some mittens to match it.

And I finished the Koigu socks with the little cable running down the side. Very nice, and I want to keep them, but must gift them away. I also started another pair of Squirrel socks (*note to anyone who hasn’t caught on: the girls are called “Squirrel Girls” or just “Squirrels” by myself and their father.) This pair is cotton, made with Cascade Fixation on size 3.25 (US3) needles (!!! can we say, Fast Knit?) and they are so cute!!! Definitely not a colorway many people over the age of 9 should attempt to pull off, but it will be perfect for Little Squirrel’s All Pink Clothing collection. Through them, I think I have finally discovered a short row heel I can live with, so more experimentation on that will follow.

Weather Report: I’m in a much better mood about the weather. It finally got cold again, and after a few dangerous days of ice and more ice, it has started snowing, though lightly. Much more wintery, thank you very much.
Cloudy skies, a little breezy, and this morning’s snow showers are predicted to continues for the next few days. Temps are in the mid- to high-20s, with the sun rising at 9:56 and setting at 16:03. Solstice is fast approaching, but in the meantime it makes for great Christmas light viewing.

I’m off to knit some more!


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