Beginning to look quite a bit more like Christmas…

So Tenar has not been lingering neglected in the corner. In fact, I’ve been spinning quite a lot lately. Here is the past week’s worth, artistically displayed as a “yarn bouquet.”

The blue is a blend called “Barefoot” from Paradise Fibers. The roving is 60% superwash wool, 25% mohair, and 15% nylon. I dyed the roving myself, and there is subtle shading in the yarn, shifting from blue to aqua to purple. It is a little coarser than the Koigu I’d been knitting, and I think I felted the fiber mildly when I dyed it, but overall it spun up rather well into a sport weight yarn. I like knowing it will be stronger than the plain superwash I’ve previously spun for socks. I plan for it to become a pair of socks for my Sockret Pal, who definitely deserves such spoiling!

Next up is some more yarn for a swap. I’m doing a Coffee and Knitting swap, and rather than buying yarn to mail out, I spun up some Blue Faced Leicester I dyed awhile back. I spun it much thicker than usual, and the fluffy BFL rewarded me with a nearly bulky 2-ply yarn that is very soft and fluffy!
I’m in love with this yarn, but I have to mail it out… Well, there were about 40yards left on the bobbin, which I’m keeping for posterity (and inspiration) I’ll find somewhere to work it in.

Just so you don’t think I’m some sort of angel, knitting and spinning for everyone else, I started a new project which is desitined for me alone:

The “Monkey” socks from the new Knitty, done in some Fleece Artist superwash merino sock yarn I’ve been saving for the perfect pattern. I’m almost done with the leg; it’s an amazingly fast knit, as I found the pattern easy to memorize and it builds on itself in such a way that it’s quite addictive. (Just one more row, okay, three more, okay, just one more repeat…)

WRWR: Today, a photo tells much of the news about the weather:

It’s been snowing all day, though tiny flakes (the kind that stick around, I’ve been told!) and it’s forcasted to continue through the night. Temperatures have been in the upper 20’s to 30, with a bit of wind. The sun came up at 9:57 and set at 16:02 this afternoon. All in all, a great day for tea and knitting!


One thought on “Beginning to look quite a bit more like Christmas…

  1. Oh, I LOVE that pattern! I can’t wait to finish one last Christmas knit and cast on with some Socks that Rock that I have! Yours looks great! And I love the handspun – isn’t BFL awesome?! Definitely my favorite fiber!

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