Highway Robbery

You’ll never guess what happened today. I’m still fuming.
A little bit of background: I live in a very small town, where nearly everyone you see is an acquaintance. It’s nice that way, and reminds me of where I was living before we moved here. Kids from 6th grade and older walk home alone, you don’t really have to lock your doors at night, and most people leave their keys in their cars when they run into a store. Your basic safe, friendly, small-town

It snowed a decent amount last night, so I went into work (my one day a week) a little early so I’d have time to shovel out the walkway. Before I got inside I noticed a guy across the street in the old library parking lot trying to scrape ice off his windshield, and having a tough time with it. I hesitated, but decided to do the nice thing, and shouted over, “Hey, would you like to borrow my ice scraper? It’s a really good one!”
And it is a really good one. I’m originally from a very warm climate, and was not at all used to snow and ice. Andy gave me the ice scraper last year – it’s got an unbreakable heavy-duty scraper on one end, and a padded rubber grip, an extra long handle, and even a snow brush – the Rolls Royce of ice scrapers.

The guy was really happy, held up the folded paper coffee cup he’d been trying to use, and said, “Well, anything would be better than this!”
We laughed, I grabbed my scraper and met him in the median to hand my Beloved over. I said, “Well, just bring it back when you’re done,” waved generally towards my car, and ran back to open the shop and get out the shovel. Good deed done, right?
I unlocked the shop door, grabbed the shovel from the foyer, turned around, and the guy had driven off with my ice scraper!!!

In any “big town” I might not be surprise by such a thing, but I was simply appalled. For awhile I tried to convince myself he was going to buy me a thank-you cup of coffee or something, and then I figured he’d just forgotten and would remember soon, but he never came back. I was so mad I almost cried. I felt like a complete sucker.
My friend Cheryl said, “Well, maybe he needed it that much.” Well, now I need one that much, and I suppose I should go steal one from an unsuspecting Good Samaritan?

I sat in the shop for awhile composing posters in my mind to put up around town:
“To the Mannerless Lout who was trying to scrape your windshield with a coffee cup in the old library parking lot lateThursday morning: I offered my ice scraper out of kindness, and you stole it, which makes you a Heartless Bad Man, in my humble opinion! If you are a decent person with any conscience whatsoever, you will wish to redeem yourself, and should return my beloved ice scraper. Otherwise, I hope your car gets stuck in the snow until spring breakup!”

I didn’t make up any posters, only because it’s obvious from his behavior, and the fact that he didn’t have his own scraper, that the rotten pig isn’t from around here and wouldn’t see my signs anyway. But it made me feel better to think about it.

I was so angry I could hardly knit!!! But that feeling passed quickly. (Sorry for the bad photos; the sun has already set here.)

I finished Little Squirrel’s Cascade Fixation socks, all but for kitchenering the toe, which shall be done momentarily. A really easy knit, 36 stitches on 3.25 (US3) needles, with my first pair of (successful) yarn-over short-row heels. (I’ve decided against doing wrapped short rows. Ever. Again.)

I’ve also made much progress on the Monkey sock.

It looks suspiciously wide around the instep area, but seems to fit well (hard to say with needles sticking every which way…) so I’m going to continue on. Oh, and did you notice my new(ish) Sock Saver? The person who came up with this idea is a genius.

Oh, and I picked up a new ice scraper after work. Same model as before, very necessary for this displaced Southern girl in Weather Such As This.
Speaking of weather, I believe a WRWR is in order…
Today, cold (upper 20s) and cloudy, with a few snow flurries. Accumulation overnight amounted to 4-5″ in town, with a good possiblility of more snow tonight. (Be careful what you ask for…) Sunrise at 9:58, sunset at 16:02.

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4 thoughts on “Highway Robbery

  1. Sorry to hear about the guy and your ice scrapper. It may only be a small thing, but I believe these kinds of acts really show how bad society has gotten in today’s world – no common curtesy, nothing. It’s all about ME ME ME it seems. Anyway, have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.

  2. What a jerk! Karma’s a bitch, hopefully he’ll get his! What gorgeous yarn for Monkey (my next knit, as soon as Christmas knitting is done!) What colorway is it?

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