More like Christmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot more like Christmas (or Christmasolstikwanzakuh, if you like) here at the Wool Room Nest.

Lacking a mantle, the stockings are hung and waiting on the banister. (Yes, the cat and dog have their own stockings. No, the cat will not be receiving her own yarn.)

The ingredients for easy turtles are waiting on the table as an after dinner project.

The tree is displaying its full regalia, and the pile of presents underneath is growing steadily.

Oh, yes, and Mama scored a bag of pomegranetes for $0.99 at the store the other day, which can only mean that one thing is in the making…

Pomegranete cordial! It won’t be ready until 4 to 6 weeks have passed, but I expect it to be quite delicious! I got the idea from Liz over at the Pocket Farm, which is a very cool blog if you have time to check it out.

You want to know about the knitting? What knitting? There’s been precious little, I have some spinning to appease the Yarn Ghouls.

These are both sock weight yarns, spun two-ply from some superwash merino I dyed some weeks back. Each skein has about 220 yards in it.

The first colorway is nameless so far, but will be nice and stripey knit up.

The second is called Mermaid, and I think it is my favorite of the two.

The weather has been the same, cold, windy, and snowy. I’m not complaining at all 🙂


4 thoughts on “More like Christmas…

  1. Wow have you been busy! You have also been tagged! (Check my blog for the deets).Here’s wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season!Gigi

  2. Yummy Pomegranite stuff…boy that stuff really stains. Someone told me once that the only way to get a true natural red dye for yarn, is to soak it in Avocado pits…but you would think that pomegranite would do the trick. Merry Christmas!

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