500 words or less

I’m not feeling very wordy today (imagine!) so this post will speak mostly in photos.

Beautiful merino-tencel yarn from Rae, my talented Handspun Sock Yarn Swap pal, with a handpainted superwash roving gift – perfect! I can’t wait to knit and spin it!
Progress on the red sweater – I’ve left Sleeve Island and am going to use EZ’s Saddle Shoulder pattern from here. It shoud be ready for wear very soon.

Sock begun for my Sockret Pal, with handspun superwash/mohair yarn, in Juta’s Stocking from Nancy Bush’s Folk Knitting in Estonia

Andy’s socks in progress: Paton’s Kroy 4-ply, with Knitpicks Essentials navy toe (Sock holder from Autumn House Farm)

Lace leaf shawl in handspun leftovers, moving along nicely

Fresh off the bobbin: 100% wool from Spunky Eclectic, in Hot Dog, spun 2-ply DK weight

Weather Report: Temperatures have warmed up to the mid-20’s to low-30’s, with unabashed sunshine from 9:52 to 16:39. The snow is great for skiing and sledding, as demonstrated at a sledding party we attended yesterday – take 15+ kids, and their respective grown-ups, add a good hill, great weather, and many sleds, a generous dose of hot cocoa and soup, and you have the recipe for a fantastic afternoon. Highly recommended.

All for now.


2 thoughts on “500 words or less

  1. I know; I’m a goofball for responding to your question you left on my blog in your comments, but I’m in a hurry! The glove for Girlfriend’s udder was found at our local grocery store. It’s just one of those disposable colored gloves–I think they have scents!

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