Socks and sock yarn everywhere…

Difficult as it was this weekend to make time at the computer to blog, I had no trouble finding time for knitting and spinning (are you surprised?)

I finished Andy’s socks.

Another pair of socks for Andy, plain K3P1 rib over 68 stitches.
2.25mm (US1) needles
Paton’s Kroy 4-ply, all of two 50g balls, plus a little Knitpicks Essential in Navy for the toe.

I also finished the first sock for my Sockret Pal, and the second one is zooming along.
Juta’s Stocking from Folk Knitting in Estonia,
(Pattern adjusted for size to 52 stitches around)
My own handspun, from Paradise Fibers microblend roving:
superwash wool, mohair, and nylon (60/25/15)
Knit on 2.5mm (US1.5) ebony wood needles

I also finished spinning the sock yarn for my Spin to Knit (heretofore S2K) pal. As promised, here are photos of the process. The wool is hand-dyed superwash merino.

“Dark” single, on the bobbin

“Light” single on the bobbin

Together in a 2-ply yarn

I ended up with just over 440 yards of sock yarn, which I skeined up into two 220 yard hanks. Andy declared it “the best yet,” as he has been prone to do with each specimen of handspun lately. I am very pleased with the way it turned out, as my method of dying the roving in halves produced a result that is just what I was looking for.

As for the weather, the temperatures have remained in the pleasantly chilly mid-20s, with nightly lows dipping down into the teens. Snow showers have been a common occurance, with patchy sunlight between. Currently it’s snowing rather heavily, which should make for another great ski day tomorrow! Sunrise today was at 9:39, and sunset will be at 16:57, for a full 7h 18m of sunlight.

All for now.


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