Personal landspeed record

I have to admit, I’m a little shocked too.

The “mystery project” I talked about in my last post is my first top down raglan sweater, and I loosely followed the pattern for the Faux Fair Isle sweater in the Spin to Knit. book.

I cast on Monday night in a fit of inspiration after laying the Red Sweater out to block. I looked over at the underused shelf of handspun, and saw this yarn in a different way, recalled the sweater pattern, and cast on as a whim.

I had no idea it would go so fast. This is absolutely a record for me.

I have to blame most of the quick progress on the ease of the pattern (very minimal shaping) and the size of the needles (6mm/US10 for the body,) which seem enormous after working mostly on 2-4mm (US0-6) needles.

Not only that, but it fits, and the colors of my handspun look like they were made to go with the Cork (they weren’t. I dyed it, and I know.) The handspun is my favorite from this post, which I ended up calling “Alpenglow.” There are portions of it that precisely match the color of some Rowan Cork I had lingering in the stash, which is conveniently called “Gleam.” Thus, I dub this sweater “Alpengleam.”

And now if you’ll forgive me, I have some sleeves to knit. Oh, and I have some roving in the oven that I’ll have to share tomorrow… What a blast of creative productivity!


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