My amazing Spin to Knit pal

My Spin to Knit swap pal is awesome.

A gorgeous skein of luscious brown yarn, a blank book I plan to use as a handspun-yarn album, lemon drops, und ze chocolate (of course!) and an personalized card.
But the best part is the yarn. Ok, sure Lori, you’re a good spinner, what’s so special about this yarn? Look at it. Closer.

This is fluffy three ply, totally and completely different from the yarn I spin – really, I have to try hard to make yarn that looks like this.
And the very best part, the hugest show of generosity, is something you cannot simply see.

This is my swap pal’s First Skein from her new wheel!

Seriously, I’m bowled over by the sentiment, and feel so honored to have such a thing. I’m not sure I can knit it, it may just become my desk pet.

I got a quasi-decent photo of Alpengleam in the mirror today, though the light still lacks a certain je ne sais quoi…

Ok, I lied, I know precisely what the light is lacking – it’s not snowing today, it’s raining. We shall not speak of this travesty of winter.
On to newly dyed roving, a much more cheerful subject than the sodden disgusting drippy slushy melty mess that is my yard *ahem* weather.

The first two rovings are each 4 oz. of merino silk (80%/20%) and I’m looking forward to spinning them.

“Blue Violets”

“Sailor’s Delight”

The second two rovings I dyed are a 50/50 superwash merino/tencel blend, which I decided I wanted to use after receiving some beautiful sock yarn from the same fiber from Rae. I love the way the fibers take the dye with a sheen, and it’s so silky soft it will be a joy to spin.


I named this one “Orion” after I saw this.

So it appears I have a busy spinning schedule ahead of me. And honestly, I think I’m done with sweaters, for a week or two at least. I’m going to knit some mittens. And some socks, you know, for a change.

Weather Report: I told you we would not speak of this!
37 degrees F. Sunrise 9:31, sunset 17:07.

All for now.


6 thoughts on “My amazing Spin to Knit pal

  1. Your Alpengleam sweater looks really great on you! It’s nice to see it modeled: much more inspiring than the one in the book. Actually, after seeing yours, I’m considering knitting it.And your roving next to that Orion picture: wow, pretty amazing!

  2. Woman, that was some fast sweater knitting indeed! I love the result! That sweater had caught my attention, too, especially since I’m not a very fast spinner, and tend to get bored after a few ounces of whatever I’m working with. (Short attention span.) I thought it would be a great way to use a bit of handspun. And all your gorgeous dyed roving is tempting me to make a big mess in my kitchen today.

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