From Luxembourg, with (fibery) love

What is this in the post today? A big yellow box from where?

A package from my Mitten Kit Swap pal, Eva, who lives in beautiful Luxembourg! She was delayed in sending out the package due to weather and felting issues, but it was entirely worth the wait!

So much yarny goodness! Such wonderful gifts! I feel unworthy… She knitted and felted me a French Market Tote with Noro yarn. I love the yarn and pattern, and am so happy to have it!

It came with an abundance of yarn – Rowan Cashsoft in cream and deep red (which I’ve never touched, and OH, it is SOOOO soft!) Rowan 4-ply Soft in pretty lavender and brown, some Lana Grossa in teal and black AND a ball of Opal sock yarn to make some socks for the Squirrel Girls. There were also three sets of real Addi DPNs in 2mm, 2.25mm, and 2.5mm (that’s o,1, and 1.5 in US sizing,) some lovely stitch markers she made, a little blank book, two great highlighters, and some sweets for me and the kiddos (actually, the last may have been intended for the kiddos entirely, but I’ll fight them for ’em!)

As for the pattern, I got a whole book full…

…in Norweigian, which I don’t read at all, but the charts and photos make everything pretty clear. I did say I wanted to start doing more stranded knitting, no? There are patterns for mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, and socks – I’m so excited I hardly know where to start!

Eva also kindly included a book about her home country.

While emailing, she gave me hints and let me guess which European country she lived in, and I guessed correctly (with some very un-subtle hints.) I mentioned that I’d done a short study on L’bourg in one of my high school French classes, and that I’d studied French language to the point of near-fluency. So the book she sent is written in French, so I can brush up a bit. Two foreign language books in one day – I love it!

Thanks so much, Eva! What a wonderful surprise!

(Did I imply that a Knit From Your Stash diet might be hard to maintain? Not with swap pals like I’ve had so far!)

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5 thoughts on “From Luxembourg, with (fibery) love

  1. You’re welcome 🙂 Hey, I finally can leave comments on this blog 🙂 I couldn’t before as it wouldn’t allow anonymous comments hehehehe.I’m glad you liked the books and everything else :)Cheers Eva

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