Catching up

Andy was out of town for about a week, so he had dibs on the computer over the weekend. There’s lots of catch-up posting to do.

My Sockret Pal struck again, sending me all sorts of cool goodies!

She send some Patons SWS in the exact colorway I’ve been wishing for, and some assorted knit-bag essentials: sticky notes, a measuring tape decorated with paw prints, and a really great little Knitting Reference book. I also received some candy, though its been devoured already. She included a large plastic-and-fabric zippered storage bag for my yarn – so far it’s keeping three sweaters-worth safe from cat-attack. Thanks so much, Sockret Pal!

In the same day, I received another package, this one from possibly blogless Melinda, who revealed herself to be my Spin to Knit pal.

She send some Valentine’s Day treats, chocolate of course, and some facial masks that I’ll enjoy some evening when Andy is out. Her yarn is progressing nicely; this skein has wool, alpaca, and silk in it, she says. Very pretty – thank you, Melinda!

I finished the Diagonal Rib socks Sunday, during episodes of “Deadwood” we’ve been watching on DVD.

Diagonal Rib Socks, from the Interweave Knits website
1 skein Socks That Rock medium weight, Farmhouse colorway
65 stitches on 2.25mm (US1) dpns
Cast on: Feb. 1 Cast off: Feb. 11

And yes, that is a new toy they are resting upon. I’ve been very frustrated trying to spin equal amounts of fiber by eyeing it, so I finally bought a fancy-schmancy scale. So pretty, so shiny…

With most of the projects I “had” to complete now Finished Objects, I’m free to pursue new interests…

Don’t worry, the silk mitts aren’t on permanent hiatus. But for the moment, I’m reveling in the joy of colorwork. Ahhh…


2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Oh I recognise the stuff in that last picture hehehehe. You’re using the Lana Grossa with the chocolate yarn… isn’t it working? I mean the LG is a lot thinner isn’t it?I’ve got the same colorway of SWS yarn (and another one hehehe), but I don’t know what to do with it… any ideas?Cheers Eva

  2. I wonder if your Sockret Pal is from MN? Nut Goodies and Pearson’s Nut Rolls are both made in St. Paul. I used to live not far from the factory and I always wondered if they gave taste tours!Your mittens look great! Colorwork is so much fun.Btw, I did order a kit from Nordic Fiber Arts and was very pleased with it and the service. You should give them a try!

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