Winged weekend

I can hardly believe it’s Sunday afternoon already. The weekend has flown by, and nary a right-hand mitten to be seen. Ah well, there has been other progress made.

The Squirrel Girls needed something to do. It’s sunny, but far too cold to spend much time outdoors; no matter how much you bundle up, if you weigh less than 50 pounds you’re going to be chilly at 6 degrees F.
After we went to knitting together Saturday morning (they colored pictures for everyone in attendence,) they asked if I could help them learn to “sew.” We decided that embroidery (printed cross stitch) might be the best way to learn to handle a needle, so I scrounged the craft section of the local store and came up with two pillowcase kits with flower and bow decorations. They were approved by the soon-to-be crafters, who caught on very quickly and (with a good amount of guidance) kept at it most of the afternoon.

They worked on it again this morning, and this is the result so far:

They’re choosing their own colors, and demonstrating extraordinary patience for 5 and 7 year olds. I’m such a proud mama!

I’ve gotten a little fiber work done myself. Here is the second bobbin of singles from the Orion merino/tencel roving I dyed. Almost ready for plying!

There was also some knitting time, of course. The Leaf Lace shawl is only six rows and a bind off from completion. Sounds easy, but each row is taking up to ten minutes, even without interruptions. Hopefully I can block tonight…

What, you may ask, has afforded the opportunity for the Wool Room to become a den of female craftiness?

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned, but Andy is in the Coast Guard. His job keeps him busy and he and the boat he is on are often out of port for several days or several weeks at a time. He does get to go all sorts of interesting places, and often while underway the crew finds time to induge their fishing and hunting passions, so don’t feel too bad for the fella.
For some reason though, I’m missing him more this time than usual.


All for now.


8 thoughts on “Winged weekend

  1. So fun to involve the kids in the crafting. I remember my grandma sitting me down with scrap yarn and plastic canvas. She tried convincing me to follow a pattern, but I liked threading the yarn in all sorts of random places better. šŸ™‚

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