Leaf Lace Shawl

I finished the shawl, as predicted. The border ate up a lot more yarn that I expected, but I found enough bits to finish. I blocked it lightly overnight, just enough to shape the points around the edge, but not enough to make the fabric thin. It’s very colorful and stripy, but I managed to stitck to mostly blue and green colorways, so I think it works pretty well…

It’s nice and large, about 70 inches wide, and 32 inches from top to center point. I used leftover hand-dyed handspun, most of it fingering to sport weight, and knit with 3.25mm (US 3) needles. (I tend to knit loosely, and usually take one or two sizes smaller than a pattern calls for.)

Leaf Lace Shawl, Fibertrends pattern by Evelyn A. Clark
Yarn: my own hand-dyed handspun, all two-ply.
Various wools, inc. merino, superwash merino, silk/merino blend, and BFL
Yardage: No earthly clue. It weighs 6.8 oz.

Detail of the changing colorwasys at center point

In another vein entirely, I spent a good portion of last night catching up with an old friend…

This is Menolly. She is an Alvarez accoustic guitar. I used to play almost everyday, even performed publicly for awhile. When I hear someone say, “Oh, I used to knit,” or “I used to spin a long time ago,” I always wonder how they could have stopped! I started playing guitar nearly ten years ago (!? so long?!!) under the tutelage of an old boyfriend; when we broke up, my interest in music was tied so closely to memories of him that I set Menolly in a corner. Andy sent her to the local music shop to have her repaired (a loose tuning peg) and re-strung. Our reacquaintence was awkward at first, but now we are singing together as well as ever…

Bright sunny day, new shawl on my shoulders, old music in my hands… what more could a girl want?


14 thoughts on “Leaf Lace Shawl

  1. OH WOW that turned out absolutely fantastic. You did an incredible job with the colors the knitting and everything – wear it in health and happiness

  2. The shawl is breathtaking! You will surely enjoy that for many years. It’s great that you’re picking up the guitar again. I used to play and hope to again. Enjoy!

  3. Oh my goodness, that is seriously the most lovely shawl I have ever seen. Really. The colors, the fact that it’s handspun, the pattern. Lovely, lovely. Well done you!

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