So lucky…

I’ve definitely got the cold that’s been going around the elementary school – every sniffly, sneezy, coughy, sore-throaty bit of it – so I’ve been feeling, well, a little less than my best. I’m on the upswing now, but spent most of the weekend and the past two days sleeping (awakened by the Squirrel Girls when they required food or entertainment, or when they wanted to see the look on Momma’s face when she stumbles out of bed to find “Princess Cleopatra” and “Rock Star Girl” chasing a dog fully outfitted in dress-up clothes… but that’s another story entirely.) I’ve read a lot of blogs; I’ve left a bunch of comments; I’ve had some really interesting conversations about several things I’ve never pondered before, including Japanese embroidery and the potential ankle shaping of a Jaywalker sock. That’s about reached the extent of my cognitive capability this week, so I’m quite satisfied.

Thank you for all the complements on the shawl – I’m flattered so many people are impressed! I can’t say it was not a lot of work, but I did enjoy most of it. The best work we do is that which we love; that is something that I’ve been very aware of lately.

Since I started this blog I’ve been most pleasantly surprised by the knit-blogger community. The willingness to share ideas, patterns, advice, and tidbits of personal lives is inspiring and touching. Sometimes, though, I am completely overwhelmed by the kindness of the virtual strangers I’ve met through “the Internets.” In the past two days, I’ve received two surprise gifts.
The first was from Lisa, who was the knitter I sent to during SP9.

She gifted me with 8 oz. of undyed bamboo top! I cannot describe how soft and slinky and silky this stuff is. I am itching to work with it, yet hardly know where to start. I spun a tiny amount on my drop spindle, and I found it can spin up gossamer-fine while retaining its strength, shine, and smooth softness… I have no idea what it will become yet, but I’m so thankful for this unexpected opportunity to stretch my creativity!

Then today, another mystery package arrived in the post box. (The shawl crept up, still trying to steal the spotlight…)

Jen, sent me a copy of the “Wild Fibers” magazine she’d picked up. She said she thought I’d enjoy it, and I certainly am. So much new information to learn (so many different fibers to try! Jen, Andy’s may want to have some words with you…)

More than the things we exchange, I’m glad to have the relationships with these women, hundreds or thousands of miles from me, that are based on what? Fluffy bits of wool and cotton? Or is it the common interest in knitting that brings us to the basic kindness of human nature? I think it’s so cool we’ve created a “knitting circle” that circumscribes the globe.

If I seem a bit sappy, you can blame that on the cough medicine (“wheeeee!”) But having this group of online “friends” makes me pretty durn happy.


3 thoughts on “So lucky…

  1. what lovely friends you have! I particularly like the photo of the book with your beautiful shawl…the texture and’feel’ of the shawl really shine through…I do so want to spin!

  2. great gifts (“soft and slinky and silky” yum!) and thank goodness for the post office!I am with ya’ on the global knitting circle! I LOVE it. I am not sure how primal we go with it (fibers) but its global and cuts across all other barriers (like religion, race, gender)

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