"If we start knitting springy stuff…

…will spring come sooner?”
Heh, I tend to doubt that will work here, and I can’t even say I’d welcome it; we’re having the first snow in about a month, and I’m entirely stoked! Only 3-4 inches so far, but it’s predicted to continue through tomorrow evening…

But, in more exciting (knitting) news: Spring edition of Knitty is up! Yay! I may be late in noticing, I don’t seem to catch on to these things quickly… I like so many of the patterns, but a few favorites:

Aija’s written a pattern for some very cool socks – Space Invaders, anyone? She’s also got a contest going for some really good prizes…

I really like the “cool yet comfortable” look of Caroline. I may just have some Lamb’s Pride in the stash that would work…

Isabella is the sort of elegant summer knit I’ve been wanting to try…

Finally, my favorite of them all is the Clessidra kneesocks – oh! the intertwined cables down the back! The tiny cable detail in front! The height, the warmth! I’m casting on as soon as I stop drooling… Please don’t mention that I’m still only 6 rows into the second Herrevotte, and that such inattention to the matters at hand (yes, there is a pun there) does not bode well for the future of a project as time-consuming as knee socks…

Latest news from the Nest, the whole family has been seen at the dentist. How do you like the new smiles?

(Yes, yes, the plastic ugly-teeth go in the dishwasher now…)


5 thoughts on “"If we start knitting springy stuff…

  1. I like those kneesocks, too. But I’m thwarted by Sock Madness and the fact that it’s almost too warm here for wool socks already. I despair over the fact that I only have one pair of cotton blend handknits, but I don’t like knitting socks with cotton all that much. So it’s my own fault. On the other hand, although I will be knitting blue socks for DD’s teacher this spring, I will NOT be using your gorgeous yarn. That is for ME!

  2. Ha! Love the pics! Those are too funny šŸ™‚ The same logic for spring is something I try every year. Not sure if it works, but it gets me ready for warmer days! šŸ™‚ I love the knee socks too – so pretty!

  3. your dentist has really made your family’s teeth so beautiful! think its a good idea to knit springy stuff…the sun is shining and it makes us look forward to the warm days ahead :^)

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