Progress and recovery

Well, I had a big long post written out, but it was somehow devoured by Blogger and lost in the black hole of cyberspace (user error, no doubt.) To be brief then; I broke down and got some antibiotics for the un-kickable cold. Feeling better, my creativity is back on track, as you shall see.

Saturday Sky shots, a day late, but still beautiful.

The latest spinning: ~150 yards dk to worsted weight
Spun from a Spritely Goods batt, blended merinos and firestar

aptly named “Pink Guava”

Socks! Plain top-down stockinette
64 stitches, 2.25mm (US1) dpns
OnLine Supersocke, City, color 65

“Eye of Partridge” heel flap, round toe.

Finished Herrevotte!!!

Herrevotte #3, from Selbustrikk by Raumagarn
2mm (US0) dpns
Lana Grossa sock yarn (teal) and Rowan 4 ply Soft (chocolate)

The obligatory “inside view.”

The most un-worked-for yarn I’ve ever had.
“Winnings” from Cara of January One for being the 18,000th commenter (wow!)
Almost felt guilty, but I couldn’t refuse… Thank you, Cara!

All for now.


14 thoughts on “Progress and recovery

  1. Your mittens are absolutely gorgeous–and a great pattern. I’ve lusted after some of the Socks that Rock yarn, but haven’t spent the $$ for the yarn yet. I’m waiting for manna from heaven to drop–as it did for you!

  2. “Pink Guava” is very lush looking. the mittens are a masterpiece! I love all your colors of the post today- they all have a these- like black blue of the mountain, a touch of pink. lovely.

  3. Mittens and handspun are beautiful!! Not to mention the socks! I’m busy trying to qualify for Sock Madness Round 2, but eleven have already finished (5 hours ago). I don’t have much confidence…

  4. I adore your mittens, they are stunningly beautiful! Your spinning is gorgeous, too, great name. I see some sock yarn I have not tried in your lively On-line socks. I feel very inspired after reading your blog.

  5. I don’t know where to start…the Herrevotte are amazing, family dental pics are hilarious, that shawl is spectacular, not to mention the other spinning and knitting you’ve been creating…everything you make is so beautiful and you are so prolific. Can’t wait to see what the bamboo top turns into!

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