No time to blog, busy knitting…

I’ve been absorbed in a new pattern

Yes, I’m knitting the Millicent socks! I was so excited that Cookie got her website up and running! I think her sock patterns are genius, and I am excited to work with them and learn new techniques. So far, Millicent has been a very satisfying knit; the lace cuff was fun, and the k2p2 rib is good for knitting while reading. I don’t anticipate boredom before I finish the second sock. I also bought the patterns for Rhiannon, the German Stocking, and Twisted Flower, so there will be much fancy-sock knitting in the future.

Speaking of socks… I started another pair for myself from the “Lost Lake” yarn I spun months ago. I’m knitting a very simple knit 3, purl 1 rib, the “tv watching” sock if you will; I expect to finish them soon.

There now, I’ve fulfilled my blogging duty – back to my knitting!


9 thoughts on “No time to blog, busy knitting…

  1. I really want Cookie’s patterns, too, they are so gorgeous!But Sock Madness must come before other sock knitting. Of course, I won’t make it to Round 3, so there’s not much doubt that I can start whatever sock I want in the very near future!Your February yarn continues to be out where I can see and fondle it. Thanks again!

  2. Hey good to see you around 🙂 I started to wonder about you yesterday :)Hehehe, the Millicent sock is the one I’m thinking about getting one of these days. I like the look of the foot.I was just discussing this with Miss Violet (from the Lime&Violet podcasting fame whee!!!). But first I’m going to do the Bellocq Stockings from Stitch Diva.

  3. those sock patterns are wonderful, I have my eye on the Rhiannon ones…I am really enjoying cabling without a cable needle, so I think these would suit my need for intricacy (sp?). Your Millicent socks looks so beautiful, an real inspiration to fet knitting!

  4. I love the color of the Lost Lake yarn as well, very lovely. I did want to ask about those amazing dpn holders you have n it in this picture – is that wood? Where did you get that?

  5. Looks like I will be doing some pattern shopping to go with my new sock yarns. Your mittens inspired me to purchase the set of 4 Norwegian booklets from Nordic Arts, they are really something.

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