New Socks!

NOT the Millicent stockings – even I’m not that crazed… But I had some down-time yesterday to work on the Lost Lake socks (ah, the joy of knitting in a waiting room…) so they were finished late last night. Here they are in bright daylight:

The specs: “Plain Socks” from Lost Lake handspun (superwash merino)
64 st., reduced to 60 for ankle and foot, K3P1 rib
Knit on 2.25mm (US1) dpns

I’m still plugging away at the knee socks, working on the lace cuff for the second sock. It’s snowing and cold – good knitting weather!


7 thoughts on “New Socks!

  1. gorgeous socks!!!!!!!!!! I case you forgot my address is 16, rue de la… hehehe, kiddin’ :)I got the Millicent pattern yesterday too. I was wondering how does the sock look on a real leg? On the one hand I’d love to make them, on the other, I think the lace cuff would not work with jeans 🙂 And me no wear skirts, or if I do not with kneehighs…

  2. Gorgeous socks! What beautiful handspun yarn, and superwash to boot. I remember now that I have superwash roving in my stash and that would be a nice small sized project to start spinning.

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