Millicent: On

My progress on the second Millicent is being mildly impeded by Spring Break (What do you mean, kids need food? Amusing things to do? Can’t they see I’m knitting?) I was trying to wait until both socks were completed to post more photos, but since everyone wants to see it modeled, here are some to tide you over. (Please note the last two pictures are competition level Ultimate Contortionist poses, and are evidence of my pure devotion to my blog-readers…)

I haven’t blocked it yet, so some of the stitches are a bit wonky, but it definitely stays up. I have (as you might notice) rather curvaceous lower legs, the result of the many soccer-playing years in my youth. Cookie wrote the pattern to work with various combinations of sizing over three measured points (calf, ankle, and instep.) I added in some negative ease and used the 14 inch calf size with the 7.5 inch ankle and instep; there was a staggering amount of carefully calculated decreasing written into the pattern, and it all worked out perfectly. I love the line of decreases down the back of the leg, and the shifting ribs across the top of the foot are excecuted in a genius manner. The lace cuff is very pretty and serves the additional purpose of helping the sock stay in place; however I don’t think it would fit very well under pants (sorry, Eva!) I plan to wear these with my skirts during the spring and fall.

Also, Bev asked about the dpn holder or “sock saver” in one of the previous posts. Yes, it is wooden, and I bought it from Autumn House Farm. They can be found at fiber festivals, I’ve heard, but I haven’t been able to attend one in the lower 48, so I emailed. John makes them himself, and though I don’t believe the holders are listed on the website, if you email John and Delores (or call; their number is listed on the website) you can get more information. They come in 4 lengths (sized to accomodate 5, 6, 7, or 8 inch double point needles) and are very well crafted. I highly recommend one for “serious” sock knitters, as it has saved my sock-in-progress many times.

All for now.

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16 thoughts on “Millicent: On

  1. Whomever invented spring break, was not a knittin mama.(We just had 2 weeks off for winter break, then in less than two weeks, they are off again? whaaaaaaaaa? yea… crazy.)I send mental Amy’s frozen Pizza and hours of kiddo entertainment!

  2. I do appreciate the fact that kids don’t “see” us knitting. it goes right through them… thanks for the great shots! your exercise quota for the week has been fulfilled… it looks great.

  3. I love that pattern, and have downloaded it, added to the “must knit” stack. It is nice to live in a cold climate so one has extended time to use these things we spend time knitting, isn’t it?

  4. Oh the sock looks stunning!! You did a BEAUTIFUL job. I would LOVE to make those but trust me, I know my limitations LOL. Great job and thank you very much for sharing your photos.

  5. Oh, I am so glad you posted about your dpn-holder! I was definitely curious about that when I saw the picture, and I’d never seen anything like it before. I’ve always got at least one sock going (sometimes I’m bad and have two or three going at a time….) and something like that would make me FAR less nervous about throwing the sock-in-progress in my purse to tote along with me. Thanks for sharing! (Your sock looks lovely, by the way. Maybe one of these days I’ll muster up the patience to do such a long sock… I bet it’d look super cute with a knee-length skirt!)

  6. Hmmm… contortionist indeed šŸ™‚ But oh so worth it… that sock’s just gorgeous. I might still make it with the lace cuff… or just do the ribbed part of the sock LOL. That ribbing on the foot intrigues me just about as much as the lace part at the top :)Oh and thanks for the information about the needle holder. I will get in touch with them to see if I can place an order. I want a wooden one for my plane travels!!!Cheers Eva

  7. gorgeous socks! We just ordered those patterns from Cookie – I love them. I am really excited to knit them up!thanks for the great chuckle about the needs of kids on spring break – I don’t know that they ever get ‘trained’ to see that we’re knitting.(grin)

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