The Millicents unveiled

Here are the finished photos of the Millicent knee socks, as promised. Lacking a photographer, I took modeled posed myself (much less contortionist-inspired, but outdoors nonetheless.)

“Millicent Socks,” pattern by Cookie A.
I used 206g (7.25 oz, about 795 yards) of Louet Gems Pearl,
purchased undyed from Lanas de Libelula
Knit on 2.25 mm (US1) needles

I do like this pattern and the socks very much; however there are two problems, both of which I consider “user error,” rather than an issue with the pattern.

1. My purl stitches tend to be loose, and I didn’t take this fact fully into account. After washing, my ribbing stretched, and now the socks fall down. They don’t fall immediately, and really only do so when I hop or run up and down stairs. (Yes, I really did put these things through the test!) This is probably also simply the result of having nearly 4 ounces of yarn in one sock, with the majority of it at the top (perhaps if I stop shaving my legs for the velcro effect…) If I were to do them over, I would probably knit the ribbing on 2.0mm (US0), but only because of my own tension. For now, I may stitch down the 1X1 rib at the bottom of the cuff, and insert some elastic string through the folded-over top.

2. I bought the yarn undyed and “in bulk” for financial purposes. While I like the color of undyed yarn, in these knee-socks it lends a certain “Alice in Wonderland” look, which is not assuaged by my primary choice of footwear (Maryjane Dansko clogs.) So I will likely dye the completed socks using acid dyes; not sure what color yet.

On the up-side, I really enjoyed the pattern and knitting the socks, and they are very warm and cozy, while still looking rather sophistocated. I shall be starting my next Cookie knee socks soon!

Edited to add: My very intelligent husband just came home and, upon viewing the falling-down-ness of the Millicents, suggested a “drawstring tassel thingie” to hold them up, in the style of some Germanic stockings I think I’ve seen. (Apologies if I have the geographic reference wrong.) That would save me a lot of trouble stitching down the cuff, and make the fit adjustable – the man is brilliant, I tell you!


17 thoughts on “The Millicents unveiled

  1. The millicent socks are gorgeous! I’m interested to see what color you decide to dye them. Although they do look wonderful just the way they are.

  2. I’m not sure if this is relevant and you may know it already – I just learned that the reason many socks fall down is that the top is too tight. Of course, that doesn’t seem to the situation here so that’s just a somewhat random related thought. Your work is stunning. I think they are an impressive accomplishment.Jen

  3. Now that I’m done drooling all over the keyboard – congrats on a great knit. These should dye beautifully, too. The ‘tassel-thingie’ is also present in the turkish sock, which is a high leg sock as well. It would look so awesome if you macrame’d it and put some beads or shells in there – but that’s just me cuz I’m kinda tacky like that.

  4. Whoa – those are wonderful! I admired that pattern at Stitches, and have to give you props for the fortitude to finish them! πŸ™‚ Lovely, lovely work.

  5. Those are fabulous.My keeping them up hint? Sock glue. I got some in Japan as I love wearing knee socks. It’s a small roller thingy of glue – you roll it on your leg and then put the sock into place. It’s weak glue – needs a re-touch mid afternoon, so isn’t as nasty as it sounds!

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